Happy 400th post to Bestdayblogger.com!

Hello  everyone! This is my 400th post! How amazing right? I’m filled with so many emotions and gratitude. My heart is overflowing with happiness and joy for this wonderful celebration. I’ve decided to share pictures with you from the past year. I’m  so happy and grateful that I have gotten to know so many wonderful people and bloggers. It makes me so happy that we share the same love for  beauty, fashion, lifestyles and more. It makes me so happy that you have taken time out of your life to read my posts. It makes my heart feel so much joy!  Thank you for all your support and lovely comments. Thank you for being so encouraging. Can you feel it? I sure can! I feel the love and care and special fuzzy feeling inside. I love you all and I’m truly grateful that you take time out of your day to read what I have to say. Thank you all for everything and I look forward to 400 more posts!

Thank you all from my heart!

Make Up For Ever Lip Berry TrioIMG_4575


I'm Brand Ambassador!IMG_6373logoIMG_6435IMG_7263OZ NATURALSIMG_7729Nature's ChemistLampe Berger Plissee LampIMG_7903CBBsqEssie Summer Collection 2015Essie Summer 2015 CollectionIMG_8633IMG_7786IMG_7876IMG_9987IMG_0401IMG_9467IMG_0096-0IMG_0577




IMG_3559IMG_3552IMG_3656IMG_3866IMG_6415IMG_6393IMG_6426IMG_3741COVER CLARINS VIP PARTY2494IMG_4173IMG_41412913img_00332656CBB-Logo-White2999arbonneChopSaver-Logo (2)302130953106img_0391img_0491img_04193178FullSizeRenderimg_09533284img_11233343cevent-94CLARINS COVERcevent-16cevent-89img_1841img_1820img_1850img_1855343733833373344234783453all night longswatch 3img_2488img_249235623641img_2528img_2470img_2468img_2697img_2831img_2833img_2784img_2857img_28285c4a43fc-5887-4cb1-99a7-033a3d17871eimg_2829me and chantalimg_29593747371737643704img_3397img_337440003989img_3503img_3478img_347640493878cover video1462830064085429742634293413441654204421943574317432243454434441043824385456445814608img_4370img_4398img_4387img_439146504649466746664775FullSizeRender_ver_1.048284868486049734990img_483650245042img_4751img_4753img_4780img_474300164948COVER MAC49624964000249924985522413172917796486262829393323412624613231621258Screen shot 2016-07-22 at 1.53.06 PM5017221022316902333

Thank you all for the wonderful memories!

A huge thank you goes out to my husband and children for supporting me and being so positive in this amazing journey.

I  also wanted to share with you that I have a new Monthly Newsletter and I would love it if you subscribed. I plan to share many great news with you including beauty, recipes, tips, promotions, reviews and giveaways!

Thank you all again,

Maria 🙂


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