IDC Integral Dermo Correction Skincare REVIEW

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Integral Dermo Correction is the Quebec-based cosmeceutical line created by Dr. Eric Dupont, PhD in physiology and endocrinology. The Canadian company specializes in developing high-end, innovative anti-aging skincare using IDC’s unique technology. A molecule complex that combines the greatest diversity of cosmetic ingredients at optimal dosages and targeting the 16 causes of skin aging. What sets IDC apart from other skincare lines is that the ingredients designed to affect the 16 causes of skin aging by stimulating certain actions and inhibiting others. -IDC

33I’m very happy and excited to bring you a review for IDC Integral Dermo Correction Skincare. I received four products and I will go through each one and share my thoughts with you.  I kindly received samples of:


IDC’s Technology helps with Hydration, barrier function, cell anchorage, energy, oxygenation, ECM synthesis, immunity and skin cohesion. It moderates oxidation, pigmentation, keratinization, protein modification, DNA damage, ECM proteolysis, inflammation and Microcapillary Permeability.

IDC is a cosmetic line that makes no compromises! Everything is in the product! Indeed, the IDC line has won several awards and is recognized by consumers as well as by the international scientific community for numerous publications in international scientific journals. -IDC 

1. IDC Trilogy Mask

I really love this mask. It feels nice and cooling on the skin. I really like how the formula of the mask has little gritty parts and when it comes time to remove the mask I work the formula on the skin as a face scrub which removes more dead skin cells.  This is a triple action mask and it improves the skin’s texture, it purifies pores, removes dead cells, it gives instant radiance and is tested under dermatological control. It is not tested on animals and is paraben free and silicon-free. This mask can be used twice a week and it is the first to combine 3 levels of natural exfoliation: mechanical (fruit extracts: orange, lemon, blueberry plus sugars: maple sugar, cane sugar, and willow extract) plus enzymatic (grapefruit, pineapple, red sorrel) plus chemical (Bamboo extracts).


2. IDC Pearl Ultra-Purifying Gentle Cleansing Gel

The Gel Perle cleansing gel is really lovely and very gentle on my skin. Feels really beautiful on and lathers up nicely. It washes off really well leaving the skin looking and feeling really clean. It doesn’t dry my skin at all. The Gel Perle deep cleans pores, exfoliates and removes dead skin cells. It revitalizes and brightens the complexion. Removes excess sebum, prepares the skin for the IDC technology and is tested under dermatological control. It is not tested on animals, is paraben free and without silicone. I really enjoy cleansing my skin with IDC Pearl Ultra-Purifying Gentle Cleansing Gel because it works and leaves my skin feeling clean, soft and subtle.


Cleansers are just as important as creams, since applying moisturizer to poorly cleansed skin will reduce its effectiveness. This is why it is important to remove all impurities from skin through proper facial cleansing before using any other product. IDC cleanser have been specially developed to provide integral cleansing and prepare skin for its exclusive, patented Regen-16 technology. -IDC


3. IDC Regen Express Perfection (Tinted)

Tinted multi-benefit skincare with SPF 15 for use on face, eyes and neck. Its the #1 anti-aging cream in Quebec and now in available in a tinted version! I received the Tinted sample and I really like the pump. It pumps out the formula really nicely and evenly. Two pumps is all you need to cover the face.  I find that you have to work really quickly with this because it gets matte/absorbed really fast. I resolve this issue with adding a little of my facial cream to the formula to make it blend more easily and this way it spreads nicely and evenly.  I really love how my skin looks after using the Regen Express Tinted Perfection because it makes my face look healthy and gives the skin an even look. The tint is not orange at all and it and it warms up my complexion.  I actually don’t need to wear foundation when I have the IDC Regen Express Perfection on. My skin feels light and can breathe and at the same time it looks and feels great!


  • Sun Protection SPF 15 100% mineral broad-spectrum.
  • Formulated with unique patented technology IDC: Regen-16
  • For all skin types and all ages

Say goodbye to your concealer, pressed powder and foundation! Save time every morning with this tinted multi-benefit moisturizer for the face, eyes and neck. Formulated with SPF 15, this all-in-one product is perfect for women on the go who want results. Apply every morning after cleansing with IDC Pearl Gel or Integral Cleanser Milk, all made right here in Quebec.– IDC


The Regen Boost is a soothing treatment that restores the energy resources of the skin and against the loss of its natural defences. The Hypoallergenic formula is highly concentrated with unique patented technology. I use this day and night and its designed for all ages and skin types. It really helps with skin that is stressed, fatigued and overworked. I like how the formula feels on the skin. It feels light and also feels like you have a thin layer of protection on the skin. My skin feels super soft after the use of Regen Boosts. I’m starting to see some changes like hydration and firming. The only thing that bothers me is the applicator/lid needs to be fully down to suck up the formula. Also it feels like there isn’t much in the container. I feel the bottle doesn’t need to be so big. It feels very big and bulky. The lack of formula in the bottle could be because of the design of the bottle. Other then that, the formula is really amazing and I highly recommend it.



Soothing treatment that restores the skin’s energy and natural defenses. Highly concentrated formula contains 28% cosmetic active ingredients with IDC’s patented Regen-16 technology. Hypoallergenic formulaabsorbs rapidly into the skin. Use dailyday and night or for seasonal changes. Designed for all ages and all skin types. Dermatologist tested, no animal testing, no parabens, DMAE, fragrances or artificial colors. –IDC

IDC Skincare formerly only available in Canada at Quebec pharmacies and global markets like France, India and the UK. IDC Skincare is now available across Canada at

*This is a PR Sample and all opinions expressed are all honest and true.


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