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 I’m so happy to collaborate with the Canadian Beauty Bloggers and Demeter Fragrance Library. I’ve collaborated with the CBB and Demeter Fragrance Library before and if you like have a look at my reviews.



Today I will show you how I made my custom scent and how much fun I had with the FRAGRANCE LIBRARY FOOL PROOF TRIO. Not just any scent though a very special one that when the cold weather arrives my personalized fragrance will keep me from missing Summer. I love the custom scent idea and I had so much fun blending my trio. It is relaxing and fun to do. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a fragrance. It is easy and super fun with the Artist Kit. Let me show you how I “Create Perfume Art!”.



I chose the three fragrances for my My Fullproof Blending trio : Salt air, Jasmine and Lavender. The three scents are really beautiful.  I’m loving the The Salt Air because it has a very light floral base notes and the top notes take me away to the ocean and I can sense the salt in the air, topped off with a lovely floral background.

There are 3 Catalogues of fragrance trio’s to choose from! You can choose from SUMMER FUN 1, SUMMER FUN 2, and the Classic Catalogue. 

I also received the Foolproof Blending Tool Kit. The Kit Contains:

  • ONE Fragrance Funnel
  • SIX Droppers
  • ONE 1 oz Refillable Bottle with Pump, Cap and a Customizable Label – that works best with permanent markers
  • BLENDING STRIPS for easy blending


Blending time fun! First I mix a little of each fragrance together to see what the combination smells like. I feel that the Jasmine and Lavender are very strong so I used mostly the Salt Air and topped it off with a little Jasmine and Lavender to act as the bottom notes. I’m very happy and very pleased with the final results!

My beautiful package also came with a few decorating goodies. Thank you so much to DEMETER and CBB team for adding such beautiful decorations and a red Sharpie. I decided to go with different sharpie colours because I wanted to use my two favourite colours turquoise and Pink!


Decorating time! I get nervous when it comes time to decorating because I don’t want to mess things up but let me assure you to let go of your fears and go for it! I really love to paint and create but when under pressure of posting my art work I get very nervous and anxious. This experience has been great to let go of fears and just go for it!

So on each side of the bottle I placed the tree flower stickers and on the top I put the happy face. So cute right?

On the front I decided to place the flip-flops. They are super cute! In the Summer I live in flip-flops do you?


I then decided to add the little jewels all over and a heart. I added little dots everywhere and gave my new fragrance a name. HAWAII! 🙂  As I said before I dream of going to Hawaii and the scent is perfect Salt air, Jasmine and Lavender. Very tropical with hints of floral bliss! 29

On the back I added three hearts because I love the number three. I believe good things come in threes do you? Just like the this blending trio!  WOW! I didn’t plan that one! hahaha 😉


So my wonderful friends, I’m feeling very happy with my personalized fragrance! It smells exactly like the beach with hints of lavender and jasmine which reminds me of a tropical Island. I named my fragrance Hawaii because it’s a dream of mine to visit the beautiful and magical Island and this fragrance can keep that dream with me all winter long. This is definitely the way to keep Summer from fading.

Thank you so much to CBB Team and DEMETER FRAGRANCE LIBRARY for this wonderful opportunity. The Kit is so much fun and easy to use. Have you tried Demeter Fool Proof Blending Trio before? I hope you do because it truly is amazing to personalize your own fragrance and express one’s self and get creative.

I’m definitely holding on to summer with my Personalized Hawaii Blend!



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