Annabelle Cosmetics Fall 2016


I’m very excited to bring you the new and amazing makeup by Annabelle Cosmetics!

I really love Annabelle Cosmetics and I adore the new Fall Lineup. They have come out with brilliant new products and the formula and colours are AMAZING! The colours are perfect for any season and they are so pretty. I’m so excited to bring you swatches!

Oh yes! Let’s get this party started!

Here are the new TWISTUP METALLIC Retractable Lipstick Crayons!

Can you say B E A U T I F U L !


Annabelle Cosmetics has come out with six new beautiful TWISTUP METALLIC Lipsticks, 6 new gel lip liners and of course 7 New Mascaras!

Oh YES!  Mascaras and liners and lipsticks Oh my!


I have swatches for you today and I’m so excited to tell you that the formula of the lipsticks and liners are terrific! I haven’t opened the mascaras yet because I need to go through them one at a time. I know that the BIG SHOW mascara is amazing because I already finished one and I’m so excited that there’s a waterproof one!  I can’t wait to try all these mascaras and slowly bring you a review for each one.








These are all available now! Go check them out. I saw them at Shoppers Drug Mart and Walmart. You can also buy them online! Check out Annabelle Cosmetics website.


Even though these say METALLIC they are not chunky or glittery on the lips. The reflecting pigments are super fine. You can’t feel glitter on the lips. The formula is soft and silky. They are smooth and feel really lovely on the lips. They have a nice shine to them but not too much and I feel they are not too metallic. I feel these are very wearable and comfortable to wear. They have a beautiful light metallic look to them but just the right amount.

OMG did you know you can use these as eyeshadow also?

“Dare to go metallic with our new TwistUp Lipstick! We are adding 6 metallic finishes to our already popular collection. Thanks to its nourishing and natural ingredients such as Omega 3 + 6 and Shea butter, your lips will stay smooth and moisturized all day. The TwistUp Metallic lipstick is long-lasting.” -ANNABELLE COSMETICS

These are $9.95 check out the website because sometimes they have them marked down. 😉


Swatches on the Lips



Heavy Petal

Nude of Fame

Purple Panache

Rock and Rose

Swatches on the Arm

Its creamy texture hydrates and smoothes your lips for a anti-drying effect.
The formula is enriched with beautiful light-reflecting pigments for intense colour and shine! Perfume-free. Paraben-free.-Annabelle Cosmetics

I absolutely love all the colours and I didn’t need to use lip liner because of the fine point on the lipstick. The applicator is really great and twists up when the product lowers. I absolutely adore these lipsticks and feel that they are beautiful and hydrating. I love the reflecting shine they give the lips and feel they are very wearable anytime of the year. The formula is very hydrating and light on the lips.

Which colour would you buy? What colour do you think suits me best? I Would love to know.

BIGSHOW Gel Lip Liners

These are the BigShow Gel Lip Liners. Don’t they look beautiful? I really adore them! They are soft and creamy and glide on smoothly. I love the variety of colours and feel that they can go with any lipstick and also can be worn on their own.


I adore all the colours and love how soft and creamy the formula is. They work perfectly with the Metallic lipsticks. What lip liner would you choose? Is there one that you like best? Do you wear lip liners? I would love to know.

So what are your thoughts about the new products by Annabelle Cosmetics? I would love to know! Have a beautiful week my friends!

*PR Samples. All opinions expressed are all honest and true. Thank you to Annabelle Cosmetics for the lovely samples. thank you for visiting blog

9 thoughts on “Annabelle Cosmetics Fall 2016

  1. I really like the Twist Up lippies! Very creamy and super convenient. I really like the shade Heavy Petal and Rock & Rose. You’re right, who those, you don’t need a separate lip liner.
    And wow, they really expanded their mascara line-up! I’ve only used their Big Show mascara before, which was nice but super clumpy. I’d be interested in trying one with a silicone bristle next.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you! Yes that is a lot of mascara. I like the different wand shapes. The silicone Bristle sounds really amazing. The twist up metallics are really lovely. Have a lovely day! Thank you!


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