Monday Mani time! I’m so happy I received the MOYOU LONDON Stamping Sailor Kit from Trade Secrets. This kit is super easy to use. I’m pleasantly surprised at how fun it is to stamp! I should of tried this long time ago! Incredible fun!  I love nail polish and I love stamps so this combo makes me happy.  I practiced two times and the third try I got it!

This kit has everything you need to create super fun and cute nails. 7611

The kit includes

1 Nail Art Image Plate

1 Nail Stamping Polish ( DEEP OCEAN)

1 Rectangular Stamp and Scraper

1 Instruction Manual

*Lollypop not included! 😉









I applied a clear coat on my nails first. I then applied my own white nail polish. I let it dry. I applied the MOYOU LONDON nail polish on the plate design that I wanted and I scraped it off quickly with the the SCRAPER. This process pushes the nail polish in the grooves and also clears the access nail polish off the top of the design. I then quickly used the stamp to pick up the nail polish and stamped the product on the nail. I then added a clear top coat.

 Super fun and easy!

Here is a helpful video by MOYOU London. I find videos always helpful.

I really love the Sailor kit. It has cute waves and fish. The designs are very playful and fun. The design possibilities are endless! You can use the same design for every nail or just use one design. Another great thing is that you can buy other nail colours too  and mix and match. They have so many cute designs I want them all! 🙂


 I hope you like my Monday Mani post.  Would you like me to bring you a blog post every Monday? Let me know in the comments. Thank you to Trade Secrets for the beautiful kit. I absolutely love it! I highly recommend these kits. They are fun and easy to use. The kits cost $29.95 on the Trade Secrets website. Great for birthday parties and gifts! Totally fun!


Have a beautiful week my friends!

*PR Sample. That being said all my opinions are honest and true. This is not an AD.

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