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The news is very exciting for the lovely and talented Canadian actress Jacynthe Rene who is known for her amazing roles in “The Adventures of Pluto Nash”, “Memories Unlocked” and “Snake Eyes”. Not only is she a brilliant actress but she is a great entrepreneur as she has created her wonderful all natural line of skincare and just recently launched her new makeup line!


Jacynthe Rene has her own online magazine (www.jmagazine.ca) and has published three books in the last four years. She’s been featured in Women’s Health, Clin D’oeil and LaPresse and other articles. Les Soins de Jacynthe were crafted for over 30 years ago by Luc Lariee, an aromatherapist who works with rare and therapeutic grade oils from around the globe. Today nearly 34,000 people in Quebec turn to Jacynthe and her team of experts for advice on health, cleansing, diets and natural beauty. Last year, Les Soins de Jacynthe joined PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies Program as one of their cruelty-free companies.


I’m truly excited to share with you a few pieces from the new makeup line and also share with you my review for one of their natural deodorants. Les Soins de Jacynthe contains no chemicals, no petroleum, by products, no artificial fragrances or preservatives. They only use 100% natural and proven effective ingredients. They are primarily composed of precious plant oils that contain essential fatty acids, dozens of carotenoids, natural Vitamin E, and therapeutic grade essential oils that are chosen for their intoxicating fragrances and potent anti-wrinkle properties.

I reviewed Les Soins de Jacynthe Skincare last year and was contacted to review their new makeup line and I jumped up in excitement! The moment I looked at the makeup I knew right away what I wanted to try. First I would like to say thank you to them for this opportunity because I’m madly in love with their products and I adore everything from their collection.  If you would like to read my review for the skincare line that would be wonderful. Check it out here: Les Soins de Jacynthe |Review

So I chose to try the beautiful eyeshadow in the colour 10 bonbon. They sell the little container/box  that the eyeshadow sits in separately.  The colour is beautiful and I describe it as a taupe with a very light pink/mauve tone.  It is so beautiful I want to bathe my eyelids with it. 737769

I love the packaging and really love the formula. It is soft, smooth silky and applies perfectly. I really adore the colour and I’m very pleased with it. It is long lasting on the eyelids and blends really beautifully.

Next tried the blush in the colour 01 Romeo. This blush is perfect! The pigmentation is wonderful, love the warmth of this colour and I feel it is perfect for fall and would look amazing on all skin tones. I really love this blush and it just gives the face a beautiful warm healthy glow. 526567

The last makeup product that I chose is the most beautiful lipstick. The colour caught my eye right away. When I saw the name of the lipstick, I just had to have it. I’m a huge fan of Pretty Little Liars and the town that the characters live in is Rosewood. So I had to have the lipstick. Plus I actually love anything with the colour rosewood. The lipstick feels so beautiful on the lips, it glides on smoothly and it feels really soft. I love the scent. It is lightly scented of goji berries and the scent doesn’t linger. It feels so natural on the lips. It is long lasting and the colour is a gorgeous red/orange/brown. A beautiful Autumnal earthy colour. It just speaks to me and makes me think of Canadian fall weather. The lipstick makes my lips shine and is very hydrating. The formula is very lightweight and soothing.


Candelilla wax provides a smooth application without drying out the lips. Abyssinie of oil allows the enhancement of color and long lasting. The natural scent of goji is delicious and sweet. 93 to 100% natural (only red pigment is the synthetic moment).


The packaging is so beautiful! I’ve never seen anything like this before. The lipstick has two earthy elements to the design and I feel it is so appropriate with the companies message. The lid is made of wood and the bottom part metal. It feels light not heavy at all. I really appreciate how the packaging for Les Soins de Jacynthe is recyclable. Very impressive!


The last item that I received to try and I’ve been using it everyday is the Deo geranium.  I’m going to be very honest here and say that since my teenage years,  I never ever changed deodorant until now. I have tossed my old deodorants out because I am totally and madly in love with the Deo Geranium. I’m so happy with this deodorant! It is wonderful and it works amazing. It is a spray bottle and the pump sprays out the formula nicely and evenly. The scent helps mask the underarm odour but at the same time it still lets my body breathe. It smells wonderful and feels really good. I also feel amazing that I’m not applying aluminum on my body anymore. I am informing you now that this is definitely in my September favourites. Truly the best natural deodorant that I’ve come across by far.

Designed with essential oils that directly address the bacteria responsible for bad smells! extremely powerful and effective, it can be used by most sporting of us! Very nice and discreet perfume. Unlike many deodorants on the market, it does not clog skin pores. Alcohol-based products (which provides a dry effect to the application) and contains glycerin to soften skin. -JMagazine


Overall I’m very happy and pleased with all the products by Les Soins de Jacynthe. They truly care for everyones well being and use ingredients that are good for the skin and body. They use packaging that is safe for the environment and they are also cruelty free. I adore the new makeup. The colours are beautiful and the formula perfection. I love the packaging and the deodorant is absolutely amazing. I highly recommend the products.  I’m truly impressed and I highly recommend buying your skincare and makeup from Maison Jacynthe.

Here is a look I created with the lovely makeup. I used the eyeshadow, blush and lipstick.

*Thank you so much to JMagazine and to Jacynthe Rene for the lovely samples. I’m truly happy and so blown away by everything. Very honoured and truly grateful. All PR samples. Not an AD. Not Sponsored. My opinions are always honest and true.


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