Winter Skincare with G.M. Collin


Happy Holidays! Winter is here and I wanted to share with you my winter Skincare routine with G.M. Collin products. I’m a huge fan of G.M Collin skincare. I’ve reviewed their beautiful products before. If you like have a look at my articles.   G.M. Collin Derm Renewal Booster REVIEW, G.M. COLLIN DIAMOND SERUM REVIEW and  G.M. COLLIN SKINCARE – REVIEW .  Today I’m sharing four new products with you that I’m very thrilled about! Not chilled but thrilled! Yes it is chilly out there and my skin has no worries or concerns because I’ve been using G.M. Collins hydrating body cream, body treating oil, Nutriderm Replenishing Complex and the daily ceramide comfort capsules. These four beauties have been keeping my skin hydrated, nourished, soothed and feeling beautiful!


 G.M. Collin Body Hydrating Cream

This is an Anti-Aging body cream that smells fresh and light. It offers the skin wonderful hydration and feels soft and lovely on the skin. It feels very nourishing and soothing. It absorbs really beautifully on the skin and feels light and not greasy. I absolutely love the body hydrating cream and it is ideal for winter.


Body Treating Oil

The Body oil smells and feels really beautiful, the scent and texture is light, fresh, soothing and relaxing to the senses. I absolutely love how this oil is absorbed on the skin and it has made my skin soft and smooth and feel wonderful. It is beautiful and luxurious!


Body Treating Oil is a sublimely light oil with a delicate texture. It visibly enhances skin elasticity and firmness through its high hydration effect, making it feel satiny soft, healthier and younger-looking. It provides a pleasant sensation of well-being. Body Treating Oil is also a perfect massage oil. It is best to use it after showering or exfoliating as a separate skin care, or in combination with the complete Body Care line.


Nutriderm Replenishing Complex

I really love the Nutriderm Replenishing Complex because it feels lovely on the skin. It absorbs really nicely and feels wonderful, light and soothing. I love the light scent. I really enjoy how hydrating it is and it leaves my skin feeling really soft and smooth. It really protects my skin from getting dry from the cold but also from the heat inside the home. Sometimes it’s not only the cold weather but the dry heat that can have an effect on my skin and I find that this really helps sustain the hydration and evenness of my skin’s complexion.

A nourishing and regenerating elixir enriched with Argan and cactus Oil, Lupin oil and Lycopene. Protects the skin’s hydration barrier and improves the youthful appearance of the skin by leaving it visibly smoother, revitalized and more supple. Contains: Argan and Cactus Oil, Omega 3-6-9 Normal to Dry Skin



I must be really honest and tell you these are my favourite!  These capsules are so incredible! I’m so impressed by these little golden beautiful capsules. They hold the most silkiest face oil! They are little capsules filled with the most luxurious soothing oil. I apply this all over my face, neck and hands. They smell so divine and feel so delightful on the skin. They really nourish and feel amazing. The scent is truly beautiful and the oil absorbs so nicely and evenly on the skin. If there’s one thing you must try it’s these beautiful Ceramide Comfort Daily Capsules.

A daily capsule to nourish and reduce visible signs of aging while minimizing moisture loss. This highly practical capsule with exquisite texture and scent will give the skin a silky smooth texture and a remarkable softness. For all skin types


Overall I’m really loving and enjoying using all these beautiful products. They nourish and help my skin stay really hydrated. My skin looks and feels really great. I love using oils in the winter do you?  I love that the scent in in the G.M.Collin skincare line are light and not overwhelming. I love that the oils absorb nicely and leave my skin feeling really nourished.  All the products hydrate and nourish but the best part is that it also maintains hydration so you are not applying the products every hour. I use all these beautiful products once a day and I’m loving the results. I absolutely love all the G.M. Collin skincare line and highly recommend them.

*PR samples. That being said all opinions are all honest and true. Thank you to G.M. Collin for these amazing samples. Happy Holidays!



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