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I’m here to share with you the beautiful: The Essentials Collection. This collection is in collaboration with the PUR PROJECT. “The partnership between Clarins and Pur Projet contributes to the Povos da Floresta reforestation project, which helps to preserve and protect Indian tribes’ rich Amazon ecosystem. With the purchase of this palette, a tree is planted in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest and you are helping to support the Ashaninka Indians.”

The collection consists of a stunning Eye Make-up Palette and Lip Comfort Oil. The eyeshadow palette has lovely scattered annatto flowers all over it. I absolutely love this palette and the formula of the eyeshadows are soft, beautiful and blend nicely. They are creamy and smooth. The entire collection and collaboration with the PUR Project is truly amazing and powerful. I love collaborations that help communities.

“The small tree from tropical America produces pink flowers and red fruit in the form of a heart-shaped pod covered in thorns, containing red seeds. A symbol of power for the American Indians who associated its juice with the concept of eternal life, the annatto was used to dye food, objects and fabrics. In addition, it served as ritual body paint and lipstick, as it still does today in Aztec and Mayan communities.” -Clarins


The ten new eyeshadows are beautiful with rosy shades: fresh pink, grey-violet, taupe, violet grey, plum and black violet with a satin effect, beige, smoky pink, aubergine with a matte finish and a touch of pink diamond.

The Essentials Palette – $62.00

Available at Hudson’s Bay and on


For several years Clarins has worked with Pur Project to support Amazonian Indian Communities and in particular the Ashaninka, to help them maintain their autonomy. This has created strong ties. Today Clarins dedicates its new “The Essentials” 2016 Make-up Collection to these communities, to celebrate this special friendship. A collection with two exclusive editions, The Essentials Eye Make-up Palette and Lip Comfort Oil, enriched with key plant ingredient traditionally used by the Ashaninka as make-up.



I swatched  The Essentials Palette  and it applies nicely. I really love the warm colours and found the formula to apply evenly and smoothly. “The annatto seed is the star ingredient of this winter collection. Present in The Essentials Eye Make-up Palette eyeshadows, it helps provide comfort and in Lip Comfort Oil (red berry shade) it nourishes and comforts the lips. *Not shown in this blog post the Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil $25.00

Eco responsible pack: A make-up palette that respects the environment.
The material used to make this palette was carefully selected following Clarins eco-responsible charter to reduce product volume and effects on the environment.



***When you buy a Palette, you can support the project and plant a tree, simply by visiting You will also receive a personalized certificate by email. ***

You can purchase “The Essentials” palette and lip oil at Hudson’s Bay or

*PR Sample. Thank you so much to CLARINS for this beautiful sample.

*PUR PROJECT: This organization carries out social and environmental projects in partnership with disadvantaged local communities to help regenerate preserve and stimulate native ecosystems.) holiday-blog-ending

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