Get the Perfect Eyebrows with Avon


I’m very impressed by this Perfect Eyebrow Kit by Avon. The formula is lovely and the wax works really amazing. The wax keeps the hairs down and the hairs remain soft. The colour is a bit off for my eyebrows though. I tested the product and really love it.


The tweezers work brilliantly! They grab the hairs with ease and the rubber is a fantastic idea. Very comfortable to hold. I absolutely love them. I love the little rubber teeth it has on the end. It acts as an eyebrow brush. The tweezers work perfectly and I really like them.


I love the perfect brow gel. I’ve never seen packaging like this before. This is a twist release applicator so you twist to get the product to come out.  It has little rubber teeth as you can see in the photo. You glide it along the eyebrows after having twisted it and it is soft and glides on really nicely. The little tip is rubber and is bendable and soft. Really great formula that keeps the eyebrows down and at the same time it has a hint of colour. Overall really amazing packaging, fantastic applicator and a formula that works!


Overall I would totally recommend these beauties! They work wonderful and definitely give shape and definition to your eyebrows.

Thank you so much to AVON for the samples! Totally loving these eyebrow products.

*PR Samples. Not and AD. Not Sponsored.




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