New Juicy Shaker Shades by Lancôme INFO


Lancôme launched new juicy shaker shades inspired by the very Millenial friendly pastel colors from the fun and sugary gaming universe of the 90s!  Eight NEW vibrant shades, eight irresistible fragrances, Bi-Phase Formula combines nourishing oils & saturated pigments. Lightweight oil for soft, radiant, and comforted lips. First lip cushion applicator with addictive, pillow soft feel.

Why Juicy Shaker is So Lancôme… Juicy Shaker echoes two emblematic Lancôme products: the Shaker, one of the fabulous bijou lipsticks imagined by the brand’s founder, Armand Petitjean, in the earliest years. Created in 1946, when cocktails were making their mark as symbols of glamour everywhere, with a daringly avant-garde silhouette for its time, it inspired the name and the very concept of Juicy Shaker. Lancôme’s other inspiration was of course Juicy Tubes, that iconic gloss – so often imitated, but never duplicated – which changed the rules of make-up in 2000 with its fun spirit, ease of use and zesty fragrances. Heritage and innovation: the whole Lancôme philosophy is embodied.

Phase 1: an ingenious blend of silky oils The Juicy Shaker texture literally fuses with lips on application, thanks to four precious ingredients: oils with complementary properties, which instantly offer lips a smooth and plumped-up look, alongside dazzling shine and absolutely no sticky sensation.

– Peach kernel oil, softening and nourishing.

– Sweet almond oil, to leave lips supple and re-structured.

– Cranberry oil, anti-oxidant, protective and restorative of skin’s protective barrier because of its richness in Omega 3 and 6.

– Musk rose oil, regenerating and soothing.

Phase 2: an infusion of pigments Thanks to its original biphasic formula, Juicy Shaker combines comfort with the colour impact of perfectly dosed pigments in a multitude of vibrant shades with an adjustable finish… A dispersant agent guarantees uniform pigment diffusion when the texture is shaken, for perfect colour distribution on application. Result: freshly shaken, Juicy Shaker dresses lips in a splash of radiant colour. Repeat application until you achieve the desired colour intensity. Simply brilliant…

A sensorial applicator Lancôme creates its first ever cushion applicator for lips: a surprising tool that’s velvety, supple and soft to the touch… In combination with the exclusive Juicy Shaker formula, it ensures the quintessence of gentleness to leave lips pampered, soft and supple with each successive application. Like a sponge, its alveolar texture absorbs just the right dose of formula for ultra-simple and intuitive application – all the more so thanks to its conical shape, which perfectly hugs the lip contours. In a single stroke, this next-generation tip applies a film of shiny colour so fine it’s tempting to re-apply over and over: the result can thus be built up for made-to-measure intensity, with no risk of overloading lips. Dab the cushion over the centre of the lips to leave them as if re-plumped with an irresistible touch of colour, or apply over the whole lips for a more uniform effect. Each stroke of the applicator is a true colour-infused caress. -Lancôme

10 shades, 10 attitudes… and 10 unexpected fragrances

 Mangoes Wild (381) Ever so slightly mischievous, this mango-scented orange-pink has a strong personality. It’s also Lily Collins’ darling shade.

Berry in Love (283) A zesty pink as mouth-watering as a freshly-picked berry, fragranced with sublime notes of blackberry: the favourite shade of Lupita Nyong’o.

Cherry Symphony (151) Cherry, ma chérie… Cherry lends its fragrance to this ruby shade reminiscent of a delightfully shiny red fruit.

Apri-cute (102) How could you not fall for this soft, sunlight-infused orange shade with its apricot scent?

Walk the Lime (166) A zesty orange with plenty of spice … Yet its lively, fizz-effect fragrance is pure lime.

Piece of Cake (201) A tea shade with notes of almond, as mouth-watering as a freshly baked cake.

Wonder Melon (352) Refreshing… This vibrant fuchsia borrows both its shade and fragrance from the juiciest watermelon flesh.

Meli Melon (301) A smooth and juicy pink, as tempting as the perfectly ripe melon that lends it its fragrance.

It’s My Jam (172) An intense red shade with the sweetest of flavours, like a craving for strawberry jam.

Freedom of Peach (142) Peach is the inspiration for every aspect of this singular shade, from its ultra-luminous orange accents to its fresh fruit notes.

Bohemian Raspberry (341) A true ode to raspberry, whose delicate scent perfumes this intense, subtly bluish pink.


303 Cloudy Candy


343 Top Gum


055 Bee Ness Girl


450 Liquorisky


411 Banana Sleep



Snow Tilly

401 Apple Moi
281 Marshmattack
They look so beautiful and sound really delicious!
Which colour and flavour will you try?
$28.00 each
Available at Sephora
www.lancô or at all Lancôme counters nationwide

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