Dior Dream Skin Advanced & Dior Dream Skin 1-Minute Mask REVIEW



I’m really excited to share with you the new Dior Dream Skin Advanced and the Dior Dream Skin 1-Minute Mask review. These are PR Samples and I’m so grateful because I adore DIOR and never tried their skincare before. What a treat and to my delight I must tell you that these two products are incredible! I really love the formulation and the amazing results.


An imperceptibly perfected complexion. A luminous face that looks completely natural. -DIOR


Global Age-Defying Skincare

Perfect Skin Creator


DIOR Dream Skin advanced formula is a correcting skincare that pushes the limits of perfection. The formula is soft silky and smooth. It applies so nicely and leaves my skin feeling so very soft and supple. The formula has “active-biomimetic ingredients which result in enhanced soft-focus effect and boosted luminosity. the new generation of mica really ensures a greater unifying effect that looks so amazingly natural and 3D cell shade, multi-faced, grainy molecules ensure the boosted diffusion of light and exceptional soft-focus effect on uneven skin tone, dark spots, minor imperfections and redness.”-Dior


My skin feels so smooth, matte and luminous after using the DIOR Dream Skin Advanced and I’m absolutely in love with it. It has really helped my skin look and feel better and definitely leaves my skin feeling very supple, soft and plumper then before and also it is so comfortable, hydrating and soothing on the skin.


The formula has wonderful ingredients that help the skin’s texture, complexion, luminosity, imperfections and wrinkles. One of the main and magical plants in the formula is a Madagascar flower called LONGOZA. This is exclusive to Dior skincare, this fascinating flower has multiple natural self-regenerating powers. Another ingredient includes Ophilia flower.  This delicate white flower used in the Burkinabe Savannah for its life force, as a lotion and decoction. Dior discovered the tremendous perfection action of Opilia concentrate on the skin, and its excellent biocompatibility. The extract helps “regulates the inflammatory messengers that cause redness, limits the activity of the enzyme responsible for melanin disorders and encourages cell renewal. Dior Science has shown that Opilia acts on specific targets, such as dark spots and pores, and has the power to promote the penetration of other ingredients for a booster, in-depth action.”-Dior

Over ten years were needed for Dior Researchers to discover its regenerative power on several of the skin’s biological aging markers and its stimulation of genes predominate in mechanisms that are key to the formation of the epidermis. -DIOR

DIOR 1-Minute Mask



I really love the 1-minute mask. It’s incredible how in one minute this formula gives such radiance and transformation to my skin’s complexion! I am so happy about this mask and I absolutely love it. It definitely helps give the skin a natural vibrant look and feel. My skin feels so rejuvenated and the formula is highly-effective. “Cell regeneration is as if stimulated, and the effects of Dreamskin Advanced are potentialized. More luminous and smoothed, the complexion regains its original radiance.” -DIOR


Dior Science has selected the best chemical exfoliants -salicylic acid (BHA), glycolic and citric acids (AHA), flower acids- and optimally concentrated them to transform skin in just 1 minute. The transformation is spectacular: the complexion is brightened, with imperfections diminished for a naturally vibrant result. The skin looks completely rejuvenated. -DIOR

I absolutely love the instant glow that the 1-Minute mask offers and also the beautiful pearly pink powdery gel is so lovely and feels so nice on the skin. I’ve been using the mask 2-3 times a week and in combination with Dreamskin Advanced. I massage the mask onto the entire face until it transforms into a fine white creme. I leave it on for 1 minute and then rinse off with water.


 “Invisible to the naked eye, encapsulated pearls release their illuminating powers upon application: when the skin is massaged, in addition to the mechanical invigorating effect, the capsules release luminous pigments which then boost the skin’s tone and enhance radiance. Unified and booster, the skin’s tone is glowingly fresh. Visibly smoothed, facial features appear revitalized. Applied before the Dreamskin, Dreamskin 1-Minute Mask maximizes the skin’s beauty for an infinitely desirable complexion.”-DIOR


Overall I’m very pleased and satisfied with these two beautiful products. I absolutely recommend them and love them so much. They definitely make a difference on my skin and I’m loving the results. They indeed offer my skin beautiful and nourishing results. My skin looks and feels so amazing, brighter and soft. My complexion is so balanced and the formula is very promising. My skin feels so soft and lovely. I highly recommend the Dream Skin Advanced and the Dream Skin 1-Minute Mask.  They are perfection in every way and I highly recommend them.

Dream Skin Advanced 30ml $140.00

Dream Skin 1-Minute Mask 75ml $90.00

Available January 2017

Dior Counters Nationwide and Retailer Respective .com Sites 

hudsonsbay.com, Shoppersdrugmart.com, holtrenfrew.com, sephora.ca, nordstroms.com 

*PR Samples. That being said all my opinions are all honest and true. 

Thank you so much to DIOR for the stunning samples.



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