Lancôme Juicy Shakers! FEATURE


Colour, shine, sensoriality and comfort…Juicy Shaker reconciles the apparently irreconcilable. -Lancôme

I was kindly sent these beautiful Lancôme Juicy Shakers and I decided to title this blog post ‘Feature’ because these beauties don’t need a review my lovely friends. These are exceptional and beautiful. They are perfection in every way and I’m here to share the many reasons why I love these sweet beauties. Along with the original ten incredible flavours there are eight new shades/flavours!

“It’s time to shake up the rules…” -Lancôme


First let me explain what Juicy Shaker is. Each Lancôme Juicy Shaker is shaped like a fancy cocktail shaker filled with the loveliest blend of silky oils and infused with beautiful pigments.  “Juicy shaker echoes two emblematic Lancôme products: the Shaker, one of the fabulous bijou lipsticks imagined by the brand’s found, Armand Petitjean, in the earliest years. Created in 1946, when cocktails were making their mark as symbols of glamour everywhere, with daringly avant-garde silhouette for its time, in inspired the name and the very concept of Juicy Shaker. Lancôme’s other inspiration was of course Juicy Tubes, that iconic gloss- so often imitated but never duplicated- which changed the rules of make-up in 2000 with its fun spirit, ease of use and zesty fragrances. Heritage and innovation: the whole Lancôme philosophy is embodied.”


In my info post New Juicy Shaker Shades by Lancôme INFO, I discuss how the beautiful shakers have nourishing oils like the following: Peach kernel oil: which is soft and nourishing. Sweet almond oil: which leaves the lips very supple and re-structured. Cranberry oil: a wonderful anti-oxidant, protective and restorative of skin’s protective barrier because of its richness in Omega 3 and 6. Musk rose oil: which is a regenerating and soothing oil.


The packaging is really unique. I’ve never seen anything like this before. It is shaped like a mini cocktail shaker which is super cute and pretty. The oil and pigment in the container is separate and as you shake it the formula blends together to create the prettiest and loveliest formula for the lips. This formula will bring shine, gloss, hydration, nourishment and beautiful colour to the lips. Oh yes! and they smell SO AMAZING! The applicator is so wonderful and I absolutely love it. It is soft and cushiony.

“Like a sponge, its alveolar texture absorbs just the right dose of formula for ultra-simple and intuitive application-all the more so thanks to its conical shape, which perfectly hugs the lip contours. In a single stoke, this next generation tip applies a film of shiny colour so fine it’s tempting to re-apply over and over: the result can thus be built up for made-to -measure intensity, with no risks of overloading lips. Dab the cushion over the centre of the lips to leave them as if re-plumped with irresistible touch or colour, or apply over the whole lips for a more uniform effect. Each stroke of the applicator is a true colour-infused caress.” -Lancôme



I absolutely love the new colours and flavours because they are sweet and delicious. I’m all about sweet flavours, scent and fragrance and the new colours are like sweet desserts and candy! I kindly received two of the popular shades along with three new shades that I’m madly in love with! First the Wondermelon smells exactly like watermelon. It is delicious and so beautiful. If you miss summer definitely try the Wondermelon. Also the colour is beautiful and it gives the lips a really healthy feel and look. Next is Freedom of Peach and it smells exactly like fresh peaches. If you love summer days and fresh peaches definitely try this one.

84 .jpg

The new shades include Marshmattack.  It is sweet and smells like a sweet marshmallow dessert. I absolutely love it and adore the colour as well. Perfect for spring. Next is Cloudy Candy and if you like sweets, desserts, candy, lollypops this is everything! Cloudy Candy is candy heaven! Last lovely shiny Juicy Shaker is Snow-Tilly. If you are a vanilla lover this one is for you. I love this one because it is not too sweet but gives just beautiful shine and glitter. Not too much glitter but just a little hint of something really special. I’m a huge vanilla fan so Snow-Tilly is definitely a favourite. The perfect shine, little glitter and hint of vanilla loveliness. I really love all of the Juicy Shakers. Which one do you want to try?


There is one problem with the Juicy Shakers…I can’t stop using them! They are so good I can’t stop putting them on! I’m literally obsessed!

“Freshly shaken, Juicy Shaker Dresses lips in a splash of radiant colour. Repeat application until you achieve the desired colour intensity. Simply brilliant…”



They look so beautiful and they are really delicious!
Which colour and flavour will you try?
Let me know if you’ve tried the Lancôme Juicy Shakers or which one really appeals to you.
I would love to know.

$28.00 each
Available at Sephora
www.lancô or at all Lancôme counters nationwide.
Thank you so much to Lancôme for the incredible and most beautiful lip oils ever!
I love Juicy Shakers!
Thank you! I’m so in love!

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