#TheLipPencil By Bite Beauty -REVIEW


This is a review for Bite Beauty the lip pencils. I kindly received two pencils for review purposes. I also received two samples of the AMUSE BOUCHE lipsticks in the colours Whiskey and Honeycomb that match the pencils perfectly. I’m truly grateful that I received these from Influenster. If you like to join influenster and received lovely products to review you can just click (HERE).


The lip pencils are in the colours 020 ( pink nude colour) and 044 ( close to a Burgundy colour). I absolutely love the formula of the pencils. They are creamy, smooth, soft and long lasting. They don’t dry the lips and they are also easy to sharpen. I kindly received a Sephora sharpener and I absolutely love it! This is the first time trying Bite Beauty Lip Pencils and the lipsticks and I love them!

Here I’m waring the 020 Lip Liner and the Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in the colour Honeycomb. I love this combo. It helps define my lips and gives them fullness. I absolutely love the formula. It is soft and smooth on the lips and did I mention nice and creamy? Love it!


This combo is the lip pencil 044 and the lipstick colour Whiskey. I absolutely love a nice dark lippy. I love this combo. Again the lip pencil and lipstick are the perfect match. I love the formula and totally recommend them.


Have you tried Bite Beauty? Have you tried any of the products mentioned in this article? I would love to know. *Products have been given to my for review purposes. They are samples.  Thank you so much to Influenster and to Bite Beauty for the samples. I Love them!

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