Very excited to bring you CHANEL Rouge COCO Gloss Feature.  The Rouge COCO Gloss is very beautiful, shiny and moisturizing on the lips. I’m so excited to talk about these beauties! I absolutely love the formula and the packaging. I also have three new Le Vernis colours that you will fall in love with!


Can you say shiny, smooth, silky and hydrating? oh la la! These are very elegant and beautiful and I absolutely love them. They are not sticky or gloopy. They are not stringy like some lip glosses can be. They feel very luxurious on the lips.


The applicator is slightly curved, it is very soft and glides on nicely. The formula is really smooth and silky and it gives beautiful shine and colour.

The secret at the heart of its highly nutritive formula: the HYDRABOOST complex. Natural waxes of jojoba, sunflower and mimosa, sprinkled with a natural coconut oil derivative, deliver instant comfort and long-lasting hydration. A beneficial cocktail in perfect affinity with skin that revives the senses and leaves lips soft and supple.




I have two glosses and two top coats.The top coats are limited edition. Below are the beautiful swatches. I really love how shiny they are. You don’t need much on the lips to get amazing shine and colour. The rouge coco glosses feel really hydrating on the lips. These are not scented and the formula is not stringy or gloopy. It feels just perfect on the lips. The top coats go on top of any lipstick really nicely and look beautiful. I absolutely love these glosses.


Radiant and dazzling, your smile has never been this tempting. With its gel-like finish, ROUGE COCO GLOSS illuminates lips with mirror shine. Combined with a film-forming polymer, its translucent glass beads reflect light in every direction. A natural-origin volumizing oligopeptide also plumps lips with each application.


$37.00 each

Available on March 3,2017 at all Chanel Beauty Counters



New Le Vernis


*TULLE is limited edition

$32.00 each

I’m so in love with the following colours of CHANEL Le Vernis.

They are so stunning! Which colour do you like best?



*Thank you to CHANEL for the samples. Check out my INFO post if you like.


Available on March 3,2017 at all Chanel Beauty Counters




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