Black Apple by Joan Crate REVIEW


‘Black Apple’

by Joan Crate

Published by Simon & Schuster Canada


Pages: 324

Format: Soft Cover

Source: Simon & Schuster Canada  Advanced Copy



A moving and compelling book!

The book is about a young native girl named Rose that is taken away from her home to join a Christian School run by nuns. Her journey is rough and challenging one. Being torn away from her family all she wants to do is escape and go back home. She misses her family and her traditions. The changes that take place in her life are very difficult.

Rose Marie’s adjustment in the new environment is a difficult one.  From the people, rooms and food to the emptiness she feels. A huge challenge. Rose Marie sees a lot of dreams and also has visions and a crucial part in the book, visitations from spirits! Spirits that haunt the school and that haunt her. The author really gets into the feelings and emotions of Rose Marie. We watch her grow up and the author makes this happen so naturally and beautifully.  The book has a perfect balance of History and Fiction. Even though it is Fiction I really connected with Rose Marie and felt her pain, confusion and fear through the words and pages of this book.

 The book took me on a journey and I cried at many parts. I’m not going to giveaway parts of the book or the ending because I feel that this is a must read book. The author really explored the characters emotions and feelings. A very powerful novel with characters that are really well rounded and can be seen clearly. I never once paused in confusion.  I really love how the book also changed perspectives but in a perfect and subtle way. The words and story flow so beautifully in this novel and the ending was everything I wanted it to be!

Thank you to Simon and Schuster Canada for this wonderful opportunity. It was a true honour to read such a beautiful and moving book. The story will stay with me forever. Powerful and poetic. Beautiful and at the end very hopeful!

I give this book a 5/5

Truly amazing and a Must Read!thank-you-for-visiting

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