Happy March! Spring Break Fun! Fun! Fun?


I’m not very happy about spring break because it means having the kids at home all day! lol just kidding! In all honesty though it’s a lot of work to entertain them and do arts and crafts and keep them fed and busy. They really like to keep busy and eat constantly. Are your kids big on snacks? Mine eat every 30 min! sheesh! So much work!

Let me remind you that no matter how much you plan, kids are unpredictable and things don’t always go as planned but it is better to be prepared. I like to plan the kids meals along with snacks and creative craft ideas. My girls love painting, stickers and colouring. They love hands on activities and I also like to add a little outdoor play time too. The girls also need alone time because they argue and fight and it can be a messy situation.

What are your plans for March Break? I know sometimes it’s hard to come up with ideas for the kids. It can be frustrating at times. Planning is the key though. If you plan ahead it really helps. I really like to plan many crafts, activities, snacks and meals. 

I think PINTEREST is wonderful platform for gathering ideas. If you like to have a look at my pins for kids check out  FUN FOR KIDS , School Lunch and Oh Snack! 

One thing I like to do is really pamper my self and give my self extra time at the end of a busy day. Along with taking care of the kids and entertaining them I like to take care of myself with extra long baths in the evenings and I use a lot of my favourite products like G.M. Collins, IDC Skincare, Nivea, Blue Lavande, Clarins, Lipidol, Marcelle, Bio-Oil and more. I  find that taking care of my self more during stressful situations really helps decrease stress levels. I also have to go to a LUSH store and pick up some bath bombs. Love a good bath bomb!

Are any of you going on a trip during the March Break? As I mentioned in my previous blog update this summer I’m heading out East. If you like to read the article have a look: Summer Road Trip -Make Every Adventure an Unforgettable One!

If you’re going on a Spring Break some great ideas before you go on a trip is exfoliating every day and using a body lotion at least two times a day so your skin will be glowing when you’re wearing shorts, tanks and bikinis! BVspa Salt Scrub in Pomegranate & Acai is the perfect exfoliator to prep for the beach. The Salt Scrub contains Dead Sea Salt, which is a natural purifier that removes the toxins that block the pores of the skin. It helps the skin breathe easier, promoting circulation, while tightening the skin to improve skin texture. ($11.99, Shoppers Drug Mart)

After exfoliating, always be sure to moisturize your skin. BVspa Body Lotion in Pomegranate & Acai is lightly whipped and packed with moisturizing ingredients to rejuvenate your skin. Squalane helps prevent free radical damage that causes breakdown of collagen as well as Jojoba Oil and Sunflower Oil. ($11.99, Shoppers Drug Mart)

Avoid fogged up sunglasses & swim goggles! Sven Can See provides safe, instant, anti-fog relief in all temperatures. The “Spray, Wipe n’ Go!” solution comes in a pen-like, pocket-friendly applicator for easy accessibility. ($10.95, Mark’s)

I would love to know your plans for March Break. I was also thinking of taking the kids to the Art gallery, the Museum and the Ripley’s Aquarium. But in all honesty sometimes it’s really nice to spend quality time with the kids at home. I hope you have a lovely month everyone! Plan and execute! 😉

*Not sponsored. All opinions expressed are all honest and true.

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  1. Oh!!!! OMG I’m going to freak out! I will hide your puppy and never let him go home with you! lol Or maybe keep you both here and never let you go. hahaha Where is Cat and Tofu? Bestdayblogger has taken them! LMAO omg too funny. Looking forward to seeing you both! Woo hoo! My girls are going to freak out. They WILL cry by the way when you leave. Honest to goodness. They will cry. lol


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