I kindly received five Avon True Colour Lip Crayons for review purposes. The packaging is fantastic and strong. I adore the colours but I find that when I apply the product I’m using a lot of strokes to get it on the lips. I also had to use some form of hydration on my lips prior to putting this formula on because I find these feel a little dry.

When I have the formula on my lips the formula moves nicely and feels soft and creamy but the texture feels a little dry. Does this makes sense? I hope it does. I adore the colours and really like applying these on after I have lip balm on my lips. Also two of these have glitter which I don’t like at all. The other three are lovely without the glitter. So which ones have glitter? Lets have a closer look at the swatches.


The two that have glitter are MAUVE MODEL and READY FOR ME. I really don’t like the way they feel on the lips, the glitter is a little too gritty. The other three don’t have glitter and they look amazing if you add a little lip gloss to the formula or lip balm prior. I really like the colour JUST ROSIE. It reminds me of strawberries and it goes on like a thin layer of stain. I like to top it up with some gloss. It’s the prettiest and loveliest colour for spring! Love it! The colour PINK PREMIER reminds me of pink summer popsicles! Love those pink popsicles! This colour is truly beautiful too. The colour FAIREST NUDE is a really pretty nude that can be worn everyday. These swatch very nice but on the lips you need many strokes to get a thick layer of product. These pencil/crayons line the lips nicely and are easy to use.


There are 12 colours in this AVON Lip Crayon Collection. The lip product is 2.8g and they are $10.00 each. It has vitamin E and shea butter. If you are thinking of buying one or more of these I would recommend adding a lip balm on before applying. Also you can add lipgloss on top. If I had to pick one for you and you like more pink go for the PINK PREMIER and if you like more of a red go for the JUST ROSIE. These feel more like a light stain and they don’t feel heavy at all.  They do feel a little dry so add that lip balm!


Thanks so much to AVON for the samples.

Available as of APRIL 2017 Through AVON INDEPENDENT SALES REPS.

1-800-265-AVON or http://www.avon.ca



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  1. Lip crayons are everywhere suddenly. I do like them for easy of application and usually the formula is quite balmy. But answer me this… for the non-twist up type, how do I sharpen them? 😶

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