Blush Pretty! Makeup, Hair and SMIZE! #508BeautyBar #BlushPrettyUnfiltered banner gold

oh la la! Blush Pretty you made me feel beautiful!

bp-logoI had the greatest time at the Blush Pretty Studio yesterday. The Blush Pretty Team treated me so sweetly and made me look and feel amazing! It was so much fun to have my makeup and hair styled. My makeup was created by the talented and sweet Margarita Lacuna and my hair and photos taken by the wonderful and inspirational Stephanie Daga. They did an incredible job! They really kept my makeup looking natural and I love that! The studio is super cute, the walls filled with positive art and quotes. I had good vibes about the place right away!


I had my makeup applied and I was loving every moment of it. It was so relaxing and it felt like I was at a spa! I was paying close attention to the makeup used. Of course right? I want to know what the good stuff is! 😉  For the first time I had the MUFE Water blend y225 put on my skin and I’m in love with it! It is so amazing! Incredible coverage that is buildable and not heavy at all. I absolutely love it. I also noticed that she used Kat Von D Contouring palette. I love that palette! It is definitely on my wish list for my Birthday! I had lashes put on which I must say I absolutely love and truly want to start wearing more often. I really enjoyed the experience and I feel like it was a well needed “me time”. I’m a busy mommy and even though I have my own makeup it feels so amazing to have someone else to apply makeup and style my hair.

I can get use to this experience! Pamper me please oh please!

The following are my photos prior to touch ups and prior to the main photoshoot. 

(NO Touch ups or filters used. Natural lighting only.)


Here are my professional photos.

HAIR & PHOTOS by Stephanie Daga

Makeup By Margarita Lacuna

#508BeautyBar  #BlushPrettyUnfiltered

No Filter used

Natural Lighting






I absolutely love the photos. They turned out incredible and Stephanie Daga is one inspirational and incredible woman. The entire Blush Pretty team is truly incredible and I highly recommend you check them out. If you are planning to get married or have a beauty party call Blush Pretty! The team can come to you! They are wonderful, easygoing, friendly, sweet and they get the job done right.

Thank you so much to the Blush Pretty team for an incredible experience!

I had a lovely day with them and I hope to work with them again.

It was so much fun!

Find Blush Pretty online:

Blush Pretty has three locations. For all locations and contact info check out their website. Blush Pretty Contact Info. 

Instagram: @BlushPretty
Twitter: @BlushPretty

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7 thoughts on “Blush Pretty! Makeup, Hair and SMIZE! #508BeautyBar #BlushPrettyUnfiltered

  1. Stephanie of Blush Pretty did my friend’s makeup for her wedding! 😀
    I attended one of Blush Pretty’s beauty event ages ago. They’re such a great team!
    They did a wonderful job on your makeup and hair! So cool that you took note of what products they used on you – it’s a great way to try new products and learn new tips / tricks!

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