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In the morning I’ve been needing a boost of energy and this Avon Senses Body Care Sweet Lemon Blossom & Basil trio is everything to me. In the morning this set of body care products has given my mornings a bit of zing and a zang! It helps put a spring to my walk and a positivity to my attitude in the morning. Who knew Lemon blossom and basil could do that? I absolutely love this trio and love the fragrance. It really makes me feel vibrant and refreshed. I’m a huge fan of lemon and basil and not just in foods. I Love it in soaps and creams and also body washes.

Enjoy the crisp scent of sweet lemons blended with peony blossoms and fresh basil. Hydrating formula leaves skin feeling cleansed and conditioned. -AVON


Avon Senses Body Care Sweet Lemon Blossom & Basil Hydrating Shower Gel

First thing in the morning I love to shower with the hydrating shower gel. Love the hook on the packaging. Really convenient for me. This lathers and suds up nicely. It cleans and leaves my skin feeling really clean, refreshed and the scent really boosts my energy in the morning. I absolutely love this shower gel. It is very affordable and it is super nice. 150ml $6.00


Following the shower gel, I love to lather my body with the the Avon Senses Body Care Sweet Lemon Blossom & Basil Moisturizing Body Lotion. It comes in a 250 ml bottle and it’s $8.00. This formula leaves my skin soft and hydrated. I absolutely love the fragrance and love how feels on the skin. Light and absorbs nicely. So delightful and fresh.


Avon Senses Body Care Sweet Lemon Blossom & Basil Refreshing Body Spray

Last but not least I love to spritz the lovely body spray. It is light, refreshing and crisp which really wakes up my senses. It smells so good! 250 ml for $10.00


You can buy these lovely beauties by an Avon Independent sales representatives or

1-800-265-AVON and online at

*PR Samples for review purposes.

Not Sponsored.

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