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There are four things that I like to use to set my eyes up for perfect results. One, I really love using tweezers because cleaning up the eyebrows really frames the face. Also love to use mascara with AVON’s mascara applicator. This tool is ingenious! No more mascara on the eyelids that’s for sure! I love using my eyelash curler to give volume and curve to the lashes and of course I enjoy filling in my eyebrows with the brow definer. They say that “the eyes are the window to your soul…” It’s so true. I feel these eye essentials by AVON really help frame the face and give the eyes a beautiful depth.

AVON True Color Brow Definer

I really like these Eyebrow pencils. They are thin and work really nicely to give a natural eyebrow look. They are smooth and soft. They go on nicely. Intensified Colour that Lasts. Avon True Colour Glimmersticks Brow Definer. 0.28g $9.00


Look at the bling bling on these tweezers! They work amazing and I love them so much. Love the weight of these but I also love how well they work. So affordable too!

 “Perfect brows, flair meets function with new glitter tweezers. Tweeze with ease! These are stainless steel 10cm L. $5.00” -AVON


This tool is amazing! I absolutely love the mascara applicator. This really helps to avoid mascara getting on the upper eye lid and bottom of the eye. But I also love how you can use this to comb out the lashes as well. Super easy to use and very affordable. This Mascara Applicator is only $5.00.


I love a good mascara and i’m very pleased with Avon’s True colour Super Shock Volumizing Mascara. A wonderful formula that doesn’t dry the eyelashes and gives amazing volume as well. Avon’s True colour Super Shock Volumizing Mascara is 10ml and comes in Black and Brown Black. $10.00


This is the Eyelash Curler with a comb. It is stainless steel curler with PVC-Coated handle and plastic comb. It is 11cm L. and $8.00. It really makes a big difference to curl your lashes. Don’t you think? Do you curl them and then apply mascara? Or do you add mascara and then curl? Let me know in the comments below. I like to curl my eyelashes first and then apply the mascara. I might be doing it wrong though. Let me know.


I hope you enjoyed my blog post about the eye essentials. Of course I love to add eyeshadow as well. I love to use AVON’s eyeshadow palette SMOKY NIGHTS. It is stunning! You should totally check out AVON makeup and eye tools. They are truly amazing and affordable. This palette VIVID SHADES AVON TRUE COLOUR 8-in-1 Eyeshadow Palette is 6g. for $15.00. They have other shades as well like Nude Muse and Rock and Stone. Pretty colours and they are pigmented and pretty.


Makeup Look


For this makeup look I used all the tools mentioned in this blog post and I also used AVON’s foundation and concealer. I applied the foundation with a beauty blender because I really love my foundation to be a light coverage.  I love AVON’s foundation because It is really lightweight and feels like I have nothing on the skin. Absolutely love that it has SPF 20 to protect my skin from sun exposure. Truly amazing and love the concealer as well. A full review coming soon!

Makeup Used:


Mixed two colours with a beauty blender.

Colours used:  Light Natural & Light Nude.

 Avon True Colour Concealer Ideal Nude Cream in the colour FAIR.

I used Avon True Color Glimmersticks BROW DEFINER in the colour Brunette.

Avon True Color Supershock Volumizing Mascara in Black.

Eyeshadow palette Smoky Nights. I used the 3rd top colour on the eyelid and the 4th top colour on the crease.

Lipstick I mixed two colours.


Mellow Melon & Peony Blush


Thank you for reading my blog post today.

Have a lovely Sunday!

*PR SAMPLES for review purposes.

Not Sponsored.

Thank you so much AVON for the lovely samples. I absolutely love them!

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