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“Lip Ink, for an ephemeral tattoo effect” -Dior

Inspired by backstage from trends and techniques of experts, Peter Philips, creative Image director for Dior Make-up has created the first tinted ephemeral tattoo effect lip ink for Dior. It is very comfortable to wear and doesn’t transfer. The formula is totally weightless feel.  I kindly received three colours for review purposes: 351 Natural Rosewood, 761 Natural Cherry and 451 Natural Coral.

The Colours that are available in May 2017 are as follows:

351 Natural Nude

491 Natural Rosewood

881 Natural Pink

761 Natural Cherry

771 Natural Berry

451 Natural Coral (Exclusive to Nordstrom)

Dior Lip Tattoo $36.00


The applicator is nice and soft. The formula is thin and weightless on the lips. When you first put this on there’s a cooling menthol feeling. The scent of the lip tattoos are vanilla and menthol which creates a refreshing feeling. It’s a lovely!  I love the formula because it dries on fast and lasts more then 4 hours on my lips. The 4 hours for me includes eating and drinking during the day. I’m also one that eats lipstick off their lips if you know what I mean. If you don’t touch your lips or play with them a lot like I do this will last longer on you.

What is its secret? A perfect balance of colorants and pigments , as well as water and oil. A few seconds after application, the water-which constitutes 50% of the formula-evaporates, leaving only the colour and precise dose of emollient agents to provide comfort, and a no-lipstick sensation. On top of that, its delectable fragrance with hints of menthol adds a burst of freshness. -DIOR


I’m very happy to have succeeded, with Dior Laboratories, in creating an ink that provides an ephemeral lip tattoo with a luminous finish, a no makeup feel, impeccable wear and good variety of colours. – Peter Philips

The tinted ink fuses with the lips transparently and lightly, boosting their natural colour weightlessly, and with incredible comfort. Thanks to its meticulously wrought formula, lip tattoo by Dior Addict is also the first kissable, no-tranfer ink. A few seconds after application, the formula sets on the lips weightlessly and perfectly comfortably. The result is that the colour won’t transfer, and sinks into the lips for an ephemeral tattoo effect and wear.

You place the applicator in the centre of the lip under the cupid’s bow, and apply from left to right. This very simple application technique make lip tattoo by Dior Addict an easy product that you can apply intuitively. -Peter Philips


My overall thoughts on Dior’s Lip Tattoo is that I love the formula. It lasts long on me, It is lightweight and feels good on the lips. The formula doesn’t dry my lips. They feel good even after I take the formula off.  Love the scent and feeling of the menthol. Overall I highly recommend you check these out. They are really amazing and fun to wear. Love the colours as well. They are bold and beautiful!

Here is an ART piece I made with the formula.

I hope you like it.


*PR Samples for review purposes. Thank you so much to DIOR for the beautiful samples! I LOVE THEM! 🙂 thank you for visiting gold


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