DIOR Electrify Eyeshadow Palette & DIORSHOW Pump ‘N’ Volume FEATURE

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Everything is PERFECT when it comes to DIOR. I’m madly in love with the palette 357 Electrify and the DiorShow Pump ‘N’ Volume mascara. These two pieces are a part of my April Favourites 2017. Stay tuned for the blog post and video coming soon. This palette is everything to me this summer. I love the shades and the pigmentation is incredible. The mascara is fantastic and the formula perfect as it doesn’t clump but it gives volume and length.

Inspired by what is seen backstage and on the catwalks, Dior is moving in an even more audacious direction with eye makeup. Under the watchful eye of peter Philips, creative and image Director for Dior Makeup, lashes are dressed in excess volume and eyes are electrified. -DIOR


Let me give you a closer look at this delicious palette. My favourite colours are the peach, bright blue and the light champagne. I love them so much. The eyeshadows apply so nicely and blend really easily. I love the rich and beautiful colours. The colours bring so much focus to the eye and the formula shines so nicely. It  feels amazing to have these colours on my eyelids because they are very summery and fresh!





I absolutely love this palette. I love how the eyeshadow shines when it’s on my eyelids. So incredible. It illuminates! I also love the contrast between cool and warm tones. Do you?

The 5 Couleurs palette, emblematic of the Dior look and a concentration of expertise in terms of colour and visual effects, is reinvented in 12 colour harmonies. More creative than ever, with stronger pigments and richer effects, it allows women to explore every facet of colour and to express every aspect of their personality. Dior

Here I’m wearing the peach tone on the crease and the light blue and mint at the top of my eyelid. I also added the light champagne colour on the brow bone and used it as a highlighter. I added a little dark blue on the bottom and smoked it out a bit. The possibilities are endless with this palette. You can mix and match the colours anyway you like! On my lips is the Dior Lip Lacquer in the colour 344 Rolling. This is a beautiful summer look. I love the blue and peach so much. Do you?




From flexibility stems generosity, Designed as a flexible elastomer, the Diorshow Pump ‘n’ volume tube helps intensify volume, just like the formula and the brush.  Simply squeeze the flexible mascara tube to make the high-density formula ideally fluid, then envelop lashes with this generous product. The creamy formula remains intact down to the last drop, and the ultra volume effect maintains its impact.  At a touch, the brush receives an intense load of product. Never has a Dior mascara instantly deposited so much product on the lashes and delivered clump-free oversize volume in a single sweep. -DIOR

This is an incredible mascara. It makes my eyelashes fuller and longer. It gives them amazing volume and now I can see why they call it Pump and Volume. I absolutely love the formula and the wand. Very nice and easy to apply. Love the rubber tube. It allows easy grip for the product and makes it nice to hold.

The mascara has “The bounce effect: from brush to lash. A flexible tube combines with a bounce-effect brush containing two types of material: a rigid wand ensuring stable and precise application, and flexible spikes for ever-so gentle lash application. The formula also contributes to this unique, soft sensation thanks to a high concentration of waxes and to elastic powder, or “bouncy Powders” which lie behind the seemingly expanded lash volume. -DIOR


My two summer companions! I love them both so much and feel they are perfect for summer.  The mascara DIORSHOW PUMP’N’VOLUME is fantastic! I’m in love with it and highly recommend it. The palette is so stunning and I love the warm and cool tones mixed together. Absolutely fabulous set! This is perfection!


Dior-5-Couleur Eyeshadow $72.00

Diorshow Pump ‘N’ Volume Black Mascara $37.00

Available at Sephora in MAY 2017.

Available at all other Dior retailers and related .com sites June 2017.


Thank you so much to DIOR for the beautiful PR Samples.

Heavenly! Stunning! Magical!

Thank you!

Here is an ART piece I made with the products featured in this blog post.



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  1. Thanks Rachael! Really? I’m going to look up some reviews and see what they say. I absolutely love it! It’s funny but everyone loves the lash sensational mascara by maybelline but I don’t like that one. This shows that every product is different for everyone, what do you think? Have a lovely day!


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