Adventure, Art and Paint Party Friday!

I haven’t participated in Paint Party Friday for a long time. My lovely readers and friends I would like to invite you to the PPF page and click on the lovely links to see some amazing artist. For my lovely PPF friends, I haven’t seen you for a long time and I want to apologize for my absence.

I was able to make art but got so busy with beauty blogging. I am now bringing it all together on this blog and merging beauty, art, photography and lifestyle all together. Which makes me very happy. I’m super excited. I look forward to seeing everyone’s art, sharing my art as well.



Abstract art with Dior Lip Tattoo, eyeshadow and mascara.


Last week we visited the Art Gallery of Ontario and we had a lovely time. Have a look at the vlog if you like or feel free to read my previous post. Fun Things to do With your Kids in the Summer! TORONTO .  There are so many beautiful paintings and incredible exhibits. It was breathtaking! I could spend hours at the AGO.

This is my daughters favourite painting. They both love it actually. They love the lines, the gradation and also the bright bold colours.  This piece is from the artist Rita Letendre.

We also visited the Toronto Ontario Museum. A beautiful place with incredible Art and historical exhibits.


Have a look at the vlog if you like. I would love for you to subscribe to my vlog channel.

My girls really enjoy and love painting as much as I do and this makes me so happy. I want them to always and for ever paint and draw. I also want them to be more involved with the community. It’s very important to be involved.

This week my girls and I put on classical music and painted. I won’t lie and say it was perfect. My little one got frustrated that her painting wasn’t good and started crying. She also put too much paint and made a hole in the paper. We talked about it and I told her that it’s okay, things like this happen all the time and not to stress about it. We worked though it and learned so much. My eldest stressed about how the painting needed to be perfect. I reassured her that it didn’t. I told her that it’s all good fun and not to stress about details and what is “perfect” anyway? You learn so much from painting. You grow as a person and various situations and it teach us so many things. There was a point where they let go of all worries and went with the music.

 Art with Acrylic paints on paper by my Daughters

Angelina 5 and Eleni 10


My pieces

Still Life

Vase with Flowers

Watercolour and Acrylic



Summer img_1789

I hope you are having a beautiful Summer and I truly look forward to sharing more adventures with you. I’m excited to explore new places, architecture, food, lifestyle and art with you all.  Have a beautiful weekend and happy Integration!

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  1. Your vase with flowers is a beautiful painting. I love the richness of the colors. The trip to the museum sounds great. You are introducing your girls to art and it seems to be taking. Their paintings are delightful.

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