CHANEL FALL WINTER COLLECTION 2017 Swatches and Makeup Look! #ChanelTravelDiary #FallWinterCollection



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I’m very excited to bring you a closer look into the Chanel Fall/Winter Collection 2017.I hope you like swatches? A makeup look or two? I’m super happy about each piece and I’m excited to share with you the details of each product.Bold, Beautiful and Captivating!

Please have a look at the INFO post because it explains how Lucia Pica found inspiration on a road trip to Los Angeles and how she expressed it in this incredible collection. CHANEL FALL/WINTER COLLECTION 2017 #FALLWINTERCOLLECTION #CHANELTRAVELDIARY INFO POST

Before I get into the makeup collection let me talk a little about this beautiful skincare product. I want to introduce you to my incredible night mask. This is CHANEL LE LIFT Firming Anti-wrinkle Masque. It is a skin recovery sleep mask that works beautifully!


At night, skin never sleeps! It works tirelessly and regenerates itself continuously as the cell renewal mechanism goes into overdrive. This is the optimal time to apply a night care product and offer skin targeted anti-aging effectiveness. This holds true not only for the face, but also the neck and décolleté: two very delicate areas that need special care due to their thin skin and the effects of gravity while the body is in a reclining position during sleep. This is why CHANEL has completed its expert firming anti-wrinkle line with LE LIFT Skin-Recovery Sleep Mask. A COMPLETE ANTI-AGING NIGHT TREATMENT LE LIFT Skin-Recovery Sleep Mask is an anti-aging night care product for the face, neck and décolleté that restores the skin’s firmness and smooth appearance. -CHANEL

I really love how light the formula is and I’m really loving the results. This really helps with smoothing out my skin and giving my skin a lovely firmness. I really take the time and work the product on my skin and massage my face and neck gently. In the morning my skin feels so so good. The formula has a very light fragrance, not heavy at all. The formula absorbs perfectly and is non greasy. Very lightweight and hydrating. I love how it feels on the skin and I love the results!

*Le Lift Skin-Recovery Sleep Mask / Masque De Nuit Récupérateur $145.00


The centrepiece of the collection, the PALETTE ESSENTIELLE takes the idea of effortlessness in beauty and redefines it for modern women. Available in three shades Beige Clair, Beige Médium, Beige Intense, each palette offers a 3-in-1 of new products which come together in one sleek, handbag-friendly compact. Together, they combine to create a fresh, glowy complexion all day long with that essential touch of refinement and polish – something Lucia Pica describes as her ‘signature for skin.’ ”I wanted a product that could achieve that fresh skin look I do on shoots,” she says.

Palette Essentielle is breathtaking! The formula is creamy in consistency. It has a highlight, a blush and concealer.  So soft and applies beautifully on the skin. It blends out so nicely with the fingers or with a brush. It truly feels so good to have this on the skin. Very light and non greasy and not heavy at all. All three are very creamy and soft to apply and blend. A truly stunning 3-in-1 palette.



160 Beige Medium

417 bestdayblogger2059


Eyeshadow Palette


288 Road Movie

Breathtaking palette. Stunning colours and incredible pigmentation. Blends beautifully!


OMBRE PREMIERE crème mono eyeshadows Urban and MEMORY exemplify the easiness of Lucia Pica’s road trip-inspired collection; each a shorthand for elegant eye make-up, like Urban, a deep petrol blue that seems to exemplify the very essence of a road trip.


820 Memory


Absolutely heavenly! I’m totally in love with this cream eyeshadow. Really beautiful shine, blends so nicely and is so warm and golden.  I absolutely adore this.





*63 Nightfall (Limited Edition)


The most beautiful matte red lipstick for Autumn. I’m in love with it. Love how it’s so hydrating and feels soft and beautiful on the lips. A stunning deep red colour. Pure excellence!

This non-drying matte lipstick glides on lips with intensely rich, long-wearing colour and a sumptuously soft, velvet matte finish. Made with mother-of-pearl pigments deliver rich colour and a soft finish. Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter comfort and moisturize. -CHANEL


New Dawn is a muted taupe-grey and it is stunning! I’m really loving it.  Actually I’m obsessed with it!

578 New Dawn



Rouge Allure Ink



Creamy and soft. Beautiful coral colour, long lasting formula with comfort and beauty.


My daughter wanted to help with the swatches. She said ” Mom this feels so nice! It’s so soft!” I said “Darling it’s because it’s CHANEL!” 😀


Another effortless essential, and a hallmark of Lucia Pica’s own work: the perfect deep black eyeliner pen. SIGNATURE DE CHANEL is a new fluid, intense and smooth formula that glides effortlessly across the eyes for an intense, satiny-black line, and is both waterproof and smudge-proof.

Signature De Chanel


The beautiful liner comes with the ink cartridge and you have to assemble it. It is super easy and I love the fine point of the brush. I love how easy it flows and glides. Makes applying your eyeliner super fast and easy. The tip is not too soft and not too hard. It is perfect and very long lasting.





This is  the Retractable Dual-Tip Concealer Brush with a flat side at one end to pick up the concealer and the soft tip at the other end which is for blending.  It’s absolutely wonderful! I love it! The bristles are soft and gentle on the skin. No hairs fall off the brush and it feels really lovely. The exterior is metal and not plastic and has a little weight to it which I like.










Check out the INFO post for all the beautiful Fall/Winter Pieces.


Thank you CHANEL!


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