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“I have chosen the person I wanted to be and am” – Gabrielle Chanel

I’m very honoured to be sharing and writing about the new Launch of Gabrielle CHANEL.  This year the CHANEL HOUSE celebrates the year of Gabrielle. I’ve written a previous post if you like to have a look. Happy Birthday Gabrielle CHANEL! #GabrielleChanel #InsideChanel. Gabrielle Chanel was a rebellious spirit before she became “COCO CHANEL” the designer and with that Chanel is releasing a new feminine fragrance today. This is a big milestone for the House because they haven’t launched a new feminine fragrance in over 15 years. I’m very honoured to feature this magnificent and magical fragrance and also talk a little about the Legendary COCO CHANEL. 


Gabrielle was a passionate woman that created her own path even though there were obstacles in the way. She was a woman in love and very passionate. Her name gave her strength to soar away from the difficulties of the 1920’s. She became a woman of fashion, cultivated and popular. She didn’t care about “disapproving eyes and self-righteous views of the time”.  She didn’t wait for things to come to her. She went out and got them her self. She didn’t wait for Paris to come to her but she set out to conquer Paris with her hard work and bold character. She invented style and revolutionized fashion. She made beautiful luxury jewelry and fragrance. She introduced attitude and style that had yet to be seen and still today is comparable to none. What I love about Gabrielle “COCO-CHANEL” is that she feared nothing and let no door be closed to her. She is my inspiration and very iconic to not only me but women everywhere.


The New FILM!

For CHANEL, 2017 will always remain the year of Gabrielle. In tribute to the creator, 2017 has witnessed the birth of a namesake bag and, coming in September, the launch of a fragrance called GABRIELLE CHANEL. To incarnate the new scent, the House chose one of its ambassadors and friends: American actress Kristen Stewart. Her strong and determined personality, her career studded with bold artistic choices, and the life she leads with full freedom, made her the perfect fit for the role.

Directed by Ringan Ledwidge, the promotional film for the new fragrance GABRIELLE CHANEL stars Kristen Stewart extricating herself from the confines of a cocoon and breaking into a liberating run. She gathers her speed so she can crash through a wall to freedom and the promise of a new dawn on the other side. With sparse decor, meticulous lighting, and the song Runnin’ by Beyoncé, the film takes a bold new direction as it celebrates an extremely modern femininity built on confidence, determination, and independence.

“We deliberately took the opposite line from storytelling,” explains Thomas du Pré de Saint-Maur, Head of Global Creative Resources for CHANEL Fragrance & Beauty and Fine Watches & Jewelry. “We wanted to highlight an emotion that could be grasped in mere seconds, to tell a sensation as opposed to a story. Referring to a specific person, and even more so to Gabrielle Chanel, is new for CHANEL. Instead of retracing her life, we chose to put the spotlight on her free and rebel-at-heart personality. In my view, this quality is more difficult to find and yet all the more necessary today. Being yourself and remaining true to yourself are qualities that Gabrielle Chanel passed on to us, and this universal message—as relevant as ever—is what we wish to send to women. With Kristen Stewart and this film that breaks away from a narrative to retain only its spirit, we want to touch all women, but also each individual woman, simultaneously. No one will experience it in the same way; it depends on one’s perceptions, lived experiences, personality and emotions. With this film, we are going to reach out to each woman through all of womankind.”

Fully steeped in the philosophy of the House of CHANEL and its founder, this promotional film speaks of a race towards freedom, an endless battle against the diktats that tend to capture and cage women in. It is the beating of a heart, an energy that streams forth and overcomes all obstacles. It is a metaphor of life, both timeless and topical, diffused through a solar and luminous fragrance synonymous with passion, style and freedom.

The new GABRIELLE CHANEL promotional film will hit screens on September 1, 2017.

“Everything I do, I do with passion. There isn’t one thing that I undertake without telling my self that my entire life depends on this one specific thing.”

-Gabrielle Chanel


Gabrielle is really inspiring because she encourages us to follow who we’ve always wanted to become and always wanted to be deep down inside and never give up. She followed her intuitions and desires. In 1921 the rebellious spirit of Coco and her daring nature brought to life the famous renown CHANEL N 5. Over time each CHANEL fragrance was like a chapter of her story of love, friendship, a memory or a journey that marked her incredible life.


The new fragrance created by by Olivier Polge and the unique bottle design by Sylvie Legastelois really conveys Gabrielle’s personality. This fragrance is truly an ode to the CHANEL woman and all women, of all ages and all walks of life. “A demeanour, a way of walking, a style, a marked identity, a distinct character, passion, desire, rebellion.”

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The fragrance created by perfumer Olivier Pole, in cooperation with the CHANEL Fragrance creation and development Laboratory, have used white corolla petals, ylang-ylang, jasmine and orange blossom, as well as a tough of tuberose now grown in Grasse. There is a lovely intensity of jasmine and musk notes which add a beautiful velvetiness to the ylang-ylang petals.


He accentuated the creaminess of tuberose with milky sandalwood. He boosted the freshness of orange blossom with mandarin peel, a zest of grapefruit and hint of blackcurrant. The fragrance really diffuses its luminous power like a floral halo. Gabriel Chanel is not just a fragrance “its a genuine revolution”.

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The bottle is breathtaking! It is the essence of all CHANEL bottles. “It took months, even years, to develop such a thin-walled glass bottle. The square, with a shape that evokes the singular lines of the iconic CHANEL fragrances, is the result of innumerable technical feats. The ‘marloquette’-the slightly curved bottom inside fragrance bottles was pushed outward and then polished in the crystal glassworks of Bohemia. Viewed in profile, the wall of the glass coverage toward the centre of the bottle, where the square label-the same size as the one on the cap-is positioned so that every facet fully reflect the light.


Bordering between  gold and silver, the matte lame colour of the stopper, which is also used to adorn the case, is directly inspired by the Haute Couture fabrics preserved in the CHANEL Heritage department. A hue that also echoes the light-filled fragrance. And, mirroring the perfection of a jacket lining, the patented embossed interior of the case houses the bottle like a treasure chest, so that the bottle is removed from its case nestled in a perfect imprint of its silhouette. A way of celebrating true luxury and revealing the intense light concentrated in the beveled bottle.”

“Luxury is what you don’t see”- Gabrielle Chanel


GABRIELLE CHANEL “is not a fragrance that murmurs. It is the fragrance of a woman who chooses her own path. A rebellious heart that beats in every woman to reveal a unique identity. It brings out the natural aura and is not swayed by any external will.

Gabrielle, unbowed, refuses to give up or to accept fate.

Gabrielle, courageous, chooses to be like no one else.

Gabrielle, determined, forages her own destiny and personality.

Gabrielle, resolute, seeks fulfillment at all costs to win her freedom.

Gabrielle, passionate, is unwaveringly devoted to creating what will be tomorrow.

Gabrielle, ambitious, invites every woman to follow her own path…today as in the past.

GABRIELLE CHANEL fragrance invites women to have faith in who they are and what they are capable of achieving to find their own voice. For this self-esteem and confidence is precisely where their unshakeable strength takes root, a resolute ambition to accomplish oneself.”


Eau de Parfum 50 ml $129.00

Eau de Parfum 100 ml $183.00

A huge thank you to CHANEL for the incredible most beautiful PR Sample ever! I will cherish this moment for ever! Thank you from my heart!

*PR Sample for review purposes. All opinions expressed are honest and true. All quotes are quoted from CHANEL PR.

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