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I kindly received an Advance Reading Copy of Voula Halliday’s Cook Book “Eat At Home” and I’m absolutely loving it! Easy and delicious recipes that my entire family loves. I made a few recipes from her beautiful cook book and I found them to be so fresh, easy and delicious! They also taste so good as leftovers the next day (what ever little was left over). My family was raving and loving the Quick Ginger Pineapple Pork Recipe on page Pg. 136. It turned out so delicious!



I also made “My Mother’s Lentil Soup” Pg. 70. My family LOVES this soup! I didn’t add the celery to this recipe because I ran out of it but it was incredible!


I’m using the book today I’m going to make two other recipes. I’m very excited to try the Turkey Meatball Stroganoff Pg. 164 & Spiced Pumpkin and Chocolate Cake on Pg. 242.

Voula Halliday is a chef, writer, and artist with diverse and extensive experience in the food industry. A proud graduate of Le Cordon Blue, she has presented her work on morning television and radio shows, and was one of the chef experts on CBC Television’s award-winning daytime show Steven and Chris.


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Voula’s first appearance on  Steven and Chris came about after she was discovered by one of the producers who was volunteering at a Toronto Public School where Voula served as the executive chef and program coordinator. She brought Voula onto the show after being taken by her warm personality and the way in which she transformed the usually mundane and unhealthy school lunches into fresh, nutritious and delicious means for the student and faculty. Voula’s work has appeared in print and digital formats in a variety of publications, including Chatelaine, National Post, Reader’s Digest and Bon Appetit.

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The beautiful cook book “Eat At Home” contains over 150 recipes that show how easy it is to cook fresh, healthy, tasty meals everyday of the week.


“Eat At Home” is lauded by fellow chefs and food writers as “amazing” and “brilliantly simples and easy to incorporate into your life” with recipes that are “vibrant” and recipes that will “help you put a taste on the world on your family’s plates”. “Voula makes cooking at home simple again with delicious, nutrient-dense, real food that’s practical, budget-conscious, and satisfying. Whether repurposing leftovers or whipping up a hearty dinner in a flash, Voula explores flavours from around the world in a way that easily translates and elevates eating at home.

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I highly recommend this amazing cook book. It’s definitely a favourite!

Voula Haliday’s Book is available on amazon. 

EAT AT HOME: The Cookbook Kickstarter Site

You can find more info here:

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