banner christmasI’m super excited that Vlogmas is coming! What is VLOGMAS? A series of daily vlogs starting December 1st for the whole month! I hope you can join me on my Vlogging Adventures!  I would love for you to subscribe to my channel and don’t forget to click the little bell beside the subscribe button.

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I made a trailer that I’m super excited about. I really want to focus on all things cozy and sweet during filming. Positive and happy vibes. I’ll be using the hashtag #MariaMVlogmas 

In my daily vlogs I’ll be cooking, baking, shopping, traveling and showing you a glimpse of my daily mommy life in the city of Toronto. I truly hope I can go through this VLOGMAS because it is truly challenging to take care of a family and home and also upload everyday and edit. It’s a lot of work. I like challenges though so I’m up for it.


I have a lovely giveaway on IG if you like check it out. All it requires is to follow my VLOG Channel and follow my IG account.

For more info check out my post:


Good luck with the giveaway! Also check out this GIVEAWAY!

Winter Skincare with Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula and GIVEAWAY! #Palmers



Coming soon!

NEWSLETTER with Giveaway

October/November Favourites

The http://www.monthlywatchclub.ca Post

Holiday Makeup Look


Thank you all for your lovely support and love!

Life is short, enjoy every minute with your loved ones.

Especially during the Holidays.

Much love to you all!


thank you purple


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