Happy February! A New Month & New Beginnings!

Happy February! Wishing you all a beautiful and magical month filled with love and gentleness. Be gentle to your selves and give your selves extra love and attention. I tell my girls this all the time, they need to take good care of their body, mind and soul. My girls always worry to please us (mommy and daddy) and friends and teachers but I always make sure to tell them to take good care of themselves first.


I can’t believe that January is gone. In all honesty I haven’t completed things I wanted in January. I’ve been looking for work and It’s been a challenge. Mentally and emotionally challenging. It’s very difficult to find work in the time frame that I’m looking for. I talked to my good friend Stashy over lovely coffee and dessert about finding work and she gave me many great tips for the interview process. A huge thank you to her! She also bought me a beauty brush that I’ve been wanting for a very long time and it’s the MAC blending brush 217. Thank you so much Stashy! It was so amazing spending time with you. StashMatters.com

Thank you to Cinnabon for the lovely complimentary Cinnabons. I kindly received the coupons last year and I wasn’t able to use then until now. Cinnabon just opened up in Scarborough Town Centre. It was so delicious! The best part was spending time with Stashy and having a good heart to heart conversation.


I wanted to make a video of my Best In Beauty 2017 BestDayBlogger.com but that didn’t happen. I’ve been so busy. Mom life has me going in circles. Not going to get into the mom talk right now but if you like I can write a blog post on how crazy mom life can be? Let me know.

I’m planning to make a video for my recent favourites. Things I’ve been loving in December/January. Hopefully this will happen soon. Not sure though. The process of making a video and editing takes so much work. Some people think it’s very easy or fast but it takes about one hour just to set up and film, then editing can take two or three hours which includes the upload because my computer is ancient.


Last month I attended a Beauty Event! OMG yes! Can you believe it? Usually events fall on hours I can’t do. Last month I had to say no to three or more lovely events which makes me sad but that’s life. The hours that these events fall on is when I pick up my kids from school and during their bed time. Family comes first so I graciously declined. But I was able to go to the Dior Event because they had it set up in the morning! I’m so happy they set the time so perfectly because I was able to drop the kids at school and make my way downtown Toronto to the lovely and luxurious THE ADELAIDE HOTEL. It is the prettiest hotel I’ve ever seen! So luxurious! Fresh flowers everywhere!


From the moment I walked in I was treated so nicely and offered tea, coffee and food. All the Dior ladies and also bloggers were so lovely and kind. The atmosphere was the nicest and I felt really loved. It was the most comfortable and cozy beauty event. I loved it!


I learned so much about DIOR fragrances and foundations. I learned about the new serums and face cream which I’m so excited to share with you. I’ll be posting a blog post right after this one in more detail. I would like to say a huge thank you to Darline Chalmer and the other lovely Dior ladies. The event was beautiful and I kindly received a gift bag when I left. I’m blown away by the incredible products. I was in shock when I opened it up. I’ll share everything in the following post.


Overall I’m truly grateful for last month. I had the opportunity to spend time with my good friend Stashy and also attend the DIOR Beauty event. What a blessing! I’m truly grateful.  I also shared many lovely blog posts last month and I hope you had a look at them.


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I captured live moments at the DIOR event on my Instagram Stories,

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I’ve added new artwork in my ETSY STORE!

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8 thoughts on “Happy February! A New Month & New Beginnings!

  1. Happy new month! I can’t believe it’s February already!
    Any time you want to chat – you know where I am! 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying the brush – the MAC 217 is now rare item!
    The Dior event sounds lovely – can’t wait to hear more about their new releases.

    And omg how did you get your text to ombre like that in the first paragraph? I sense a new trend brewing…

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  2. Thanks so much love!! Thank you for everything. I’m working on the Dior post as we speak. I look forward to trying everything on. The eyeshadow palette is so stunning. The ombré text is a part of the blog post theme I chose. I don’t remember what it’s called. I’ll let you know when I go to my computer instead of my phone. Lol happy February to you and sending you all my love!!!


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