Ladies Lunch & Toronto Snow Storm

On the weekend we had a lovely snow storm in Toronto. I love storms because I find them peaceful to look at but not to travel in.


I took the Red Rocket (subway) to meet the lovely and talented Voula Halliday, the author and chef of  the cook book “Eat at Home”. I absolutely love Voula’s Cook book and really recommend you check it out. Her recipes are fresh and easy to make. The book is the perfect size and the recipes so delicious!

I’ve reviewed Voula’s Cook book on my blog, if you like have a look.

 Eat At Home By Voula Halliday Cook Book FEATURE


When I arrived at the restaurant I was so excited to meet Voula. The restaurant power was flickering when I arrived. I have that effect with the powers of the universe. lol just kidding. The power was going on and off because of the storm but that didn’t stop us from having a great time. We had fresh salad and green beans that were absolutely delicious! It was amazing getting to know Voula. My instinct was so right about her. She is so incredible! A beautiful, energetic, bright, optimistic and lovely woman!


We talked and brainstormed, we came up with so many lovely ideas. We are so creative in many ways and so similar!  We also have the same love for food. It’s so amazing when you find a friend that you can easily talk to and be your self. It was so amazing to get to know Voula and talk to her.  I am so happy to call her my friend. She is so kind hearted and beautiful inside and out!

I look forward to our next lunch together Voula! Much love! xoxoxo

CHECK OUT VOULA HALLIDAY’S Website and Cook Book!