March Little Life Box Subscription

Hello Little Life Box! You are NOT so Little! WOWZA!

The March Little Life Box is SUPER AMAZING! If you don’t know what Little Life Box is I’m here to share some info with you. Little Life Box is a Subscription box that I’ve gotten to know really well. I love it so much and I’m a huge fan. I love all the Organic and natural products they provide. There is always something new and exciting. The March Box is filled up with so many lovely and yummy treats. A balance of goodies like snacks, vitamins, skincare and beauty.


The following Items are in the MARCH BOX. Feel free to use code BESTDAYBLOGGER to receive 10% OFF your first box with a monthly subscription.

In the March box there’s is VIVA Skincare Pack.


Crickstart Bar


PUR  chocolate mint gums


U-Cubes Children’s Vitamins, auromere shampoo bar, NUWTR





Multiforce Alkalizing Multi-Mineral Dietary Supplement Powder


VEGAN ROB’S Asparagus Chips, Makeup Brush, Sweetsmith Candy Co. Coconut Brittle.


 In the March box there is also two FREEYUMM Bars which my kids absolutely loved and want more of. The March box is super amazing and I absolutely love everything.  It is so well balanced and perfect. Thank you Little Life Box for the amazing opportunity to share this with my lovely readers. I love it and so does my family.


Thank you to Little Life Box for the lovely samples. *PR Samples.

Use Code Bestdayblogger if you like to receive 10% off your first box with a subscription.  

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