Best Day Your Easter With Eggcellent Gift Ideas!

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Don’t let these two cute and pretty little Easter fairies fool you! They look sweet and cute and are wearing pretty dresses and flower headbands from Children’s Place and are holding pretty little Pom Pom Easter Baskets from Avon Canada. But these two little fairies are…


Into their usual shenanigans! Especially during their favourite time of the year. You betcha! Easter is almost here and it’s a very happy time for them. Not only because of the decorations, nice weather and chocolate…well okay those are huge factors. But my girls know the Easter bunny will arrive very soon and it’s a very eggciting time for them. We have our religious and traditional celebrations and we also include the fun spring elements too. I just love seeing them so happy and having fun. They truly remind me of sweet garden fairies.


They really adore their Pom Pom Easter Baskets this year. These are so fabulous because we can use them again instead of buying plastic ones. I love these because they can be used more than one time and they are super cute with tassels and pom poms! I’m a huge tassel and pom pom fan are you?


My girls really enjoyed hanging the wooden Easter Eggs on the lovely wooden ornament tree. The tree and Easter egg ornaments are from Avon Canada and have lovely and cute phrases on them like “Bunnies Be Hoppin'” and “I Said A Hip Hop”.  How cute right?


The lovely Tree and ornaments sit in our living room where all the other Easter decoration will be. Do you like Easter Decorations? Or do you celebrate Spring? I feel these would be lovely for any Spring Festival. It is my favourite time of the year.

Thank you for the fabulous Easter gifts. I feel these would make the perfect gift for every child. They are stunning, pretty and full of colour. They are so Festive!

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Pom Pom Easter Basket $19.00

Easter Egg Ornaments Includes six ornaments each with a different design or saying and easy-to-hang satin ties. $19.99

Easter egg Tree $14.99

Available through an Avon Independent sales representative or online at


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  1. Oh my gosh, your daughters do look like little fairies in their outfits! ❤ I love that 2nd photo showing their playfulness! 😀
    What a fun activity for Easter! Why should Christmas have all the fun?
    Haha, "I Said A Hip Hop" reminds me of that song, Rappers Delight! 😆

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