Its been a while since I shared a makeup look with you. Yesterday my daughter’s said “mommy you must be feeling better, you have makeup on!” I said “absolutely!” I had the flu over the March Break but I’m feeling better and I wanted to share two makeup looks with you. I’m using the PUR Cosmetics Quick Pro Glitters that are a 3-in-one formula. It can be used as an eyeshadow base, eyeshadow alone or glitter top coat to make any eye makeup look pop! I also used it on my lips and cheeks because I find that PUR Cosmetics is gentle on my skin. These glitters are so fine they are not harsh, they go on smoothly and when it’s time to wipe them off they come off so easy.

Did you know that PUR Cosmetics is Cruelty Free? They are also talc free, paraben free, gluten free, petroleum free, mineral oil free, vegan friendly and sodium lauryl sulfate free.

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I received the Quick Pro Glitters that come in a kit and they are available at purcosmetics.com, ULTA and Kohls for $39.00. *PR SAMPLES

Here are the Glitters and swatches.


From top to bottom: NAMASLAY, LUST, QUEENIE and OMG.


Here is a makeup look with NAMASLAY

It’s a beautiful gold and the formula is very easy to apply. The applicator is great but I like to use my finger. I find it glides nicely with the finger on the eyelid. I also used it on my lips. It was comfortable to wear and didn’t feel gritty at all.  I’ve never seen a glitter formula like this before and if I were to buy glitters I would totally buy these. As for the fur in the photo it is a faux fur and it’s a blanket. LOL





For this makeup look I used  LUST & QUEENIE. I also applied LUST on the CHEEKS! It’s brilliant! Lust is a beautiful stunning copper and I placed that on the outer part of the eyes. Queenie is a light yellow and put that on the inner part of the eyes leaving a dramatic line going down. I love this look what do you think? I tried using a brush but I feel that using my fingers works best.




My overall thoughts about thePUR Cosmetics Quick Pro Glitters is that they are absolutely wonderful. I love how they apply and they stay on all day. The best part is they really shine so nicely and give an extra special sparkle. They also don’t look like cheep glitter. They are beautifully pigmented and reflect the light so nicely. They look and feel luxurious. These would be beautiful over any eyeshadow and you can use as little or as much as you like. They feel comfortable and light on the eyelids. The formula does not feel gritty or harsh in anyway. I highly recommend that if you are looking for eye makeup glitter you go for PUR Cosmetics Glitters. They are absolutely perfection!

Thank you so much to PUR COSMETICS for the lovely samples. I absolutely love them!

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