Time To Live In The Moment

easter bannerDuring March break I got the flu and it caused me to slow down. I had time to teach art and do a lot of soul searching and living in the moment.  I enjoyed being away from social media and blogging. I enjoyed it so much that I’m calling a halt to blogging for the time being. I pushed my self into doing a lot of work and creating a lot of content. I’m the type that likes to deliver good and amazing photos and create amazing blog posts. I always go above and beyond and this has caused me to feel anxiety and stress. The opposite reason I got into blogging.


Some people think its amazing to received PR samples, don’t get me wrong I’m grateful and I don’t want to sound rude. PR Samples come with a lot of work. When I receive samples I photograph them, read up on the product, I test it out for a while, write a blog post and do a video sometime.  I put a lot of time and effort into it and sometimes way too much.

The funny thing is that people with high social media following sometimes receive PR samples and all they do is show it on camera and then say “oh look! Thank you so much for the samples” and they are done. Wow right? Then I look at my self and say “what the fudge! Something is wrong here! I literally spent over 8 hours or more on one blog post!” How come I have to do so much work and they just showcase it like the friken Price is Right!

My time is valuable to me and I need to use my time wisely. So I don’t want to work for free anymore. I’m done with it. I think this happened to me last spring as well. But it is my fault I fell back into it.  I truly feel that no one should work for free. I don’t care if it’s the most expensive or posh brand. I won’t do it anymore.

My future posts will be more lifestyle, recipes, art, culture and travel.  I will have some products but they will be products that I’m finishing up and products that I buy on my own.

*I can  feature products on my blog from PR but I have a fee. Please have a look at the PR and DISCLAIMER Page.

easter banner 2

In April I’ll be mostly living in the moment and vlogging on my vlog channel. I like vlogging because there is no pressure and it feels relaxing. Please Join me there if you like. I will also do a couple of blog posts like I did last spring and summer of my travels in and around Toronto.

easter banner 2

Here is a piece I did when I was teaching art in March. The kids and I worked on Abstract and collage work. We used a small sponge foam to paint instead of brushes. I enjoyed challenging the students’ to use foam shapes instead of brushes.  I’m currently planning a Spring Painting Party for Kids and one for Adults.


I’m truly grateful for everything that has come my way. I’m truly blessed and I definitely need more courage in my life do you? Sending you oodles and oodles of Courage in your life to speak up and do what you love. We learn from our mistakes and weaknesses and it’s okay to have faults and bumps a long the way. I encourage you to learn from mistakes and not to be so hard on your self. We are only human and the beautiful part is living, loving and learning.


Currently Reading the book The  F Word , written by Lily Pebbles. She is a YouTuber and now a number one selling author. The book is lovely so far and talks about friendship. I look forward to reviewing this on my blog.


So my friends, this is a beautiful new beginning and I’m very excited and happy. I feel courageous and inspired. I look forward to April and I feel it will be a MAGICAL one!

Until the next blog post,

Much love and positivity!



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6 thoughts on “Time To Live In The Moment

  1. great post! I look forward to following along with your vlogs, art, etc. I think you will still have lots to say 😀 I love hearing about the books you read, the food you eat, and the activities you do ! And of course your art is always inspiring and beautiful !!

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  2. There is definitely an imbalance in the media right now.. and I agree that it can be unfair for some to put in the work and be rewarded, and others to put half the work into the same project for the same reward.. it sucks! Hopefully after this month of halt you will remember how you remember blogging as a passion and your love of sharing reviews on products you love 🙂 and don’t forget people who love you will respect you taking a break. It’s hard sometimes but a break always helps! I’ll be following on your vlogs! ❤

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  3. So sorry you had the flu but in some ways it was an “excuse” to give yourself a break.
    Yes, if blogging has become a chore and causes you stress, it’s not worth it! It’s supposed to be a hobby and fun. I’m giving myself a break on social media as well. I just read blogs here and there but I haven’t been on IG or Twitter.
    I agree – PR samples can feel like pressure. You want your review to be unique among others and you want to do the product justice but at the same time stay true to yourself. It’s a lot to juggle!
    It’s wonderful that you’re teaching art! How fulfilling and rewarding! ❤
    I've started back at knitting and just ordered a whole bunch of yarn – I'm starting to make Christmas presents already! 😛

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    1. Thank you so much Stashy. Thank you for being so honest and genuine. I’m so happy to know you and also spend time with you. How wonderful that you are knitting!!! Yay! I totally want to learn. Thank you for all your love and support. It means so much to me. ❤️


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