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Dear May, I enjoyed your beauty and bloom. I love the blossoms on trees so lovely, pink and fragrant. The sky oh so beautiful and blue!


So much beauty in nature. We travelled to the Guild Park and it graced us with its magnificent Greek Structures and flowers. The Gardens full of breathtaking tulips and stunning bloom.

Guild Park and Gardens is a public park in the Scarborough district of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The park was formerly the site of an artists colony and is notable for its collection of relics saved from the demolition of buildings primarily in downtown Toronto arranged akin to ancient ruins. Located on the Scarborough Bluffs, Guild Park and Gardens has an outdoor Greek stage and a 19th-century log cabin among the oldest in Toronto. The principal building in the park is the Guild Inn, a former inn and estate mansion. – wikipedia


I was able to get my legs out and get some sun on them. The dress I’m wearing is an H&M  T-Shirt Dress and it is so comfortable. I also have another one with a red trim around the neck and sleeves.


A beautiful park and the Architecture really captures my heart. The flowers and paths absolutely breathtaking! If you are traveling to Toronto I encourage you to visit The Guild Park.

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