First Day of Summer!

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Dear June,

I love your warmth

You surprise me often with your cool breeze

and pop of colours

big beautiful flowers and sun in the sky

birds visit my backyard often.


The garden grows and herbs are fresh and full.

I find my self reaching for my camera more often.

You really make me happy and sometimes the intense heat makes me very upset.

Cold drinks and showers are refreshing!


I feel low and down many times but then I count my blessings,

I write in my gratitude journal which helps override the constant mind chatter.


Love really makes everything better. It feeds my soul with joy and freedom.


My heart overflows with an abundance of warmth and emotions. Being a mother is a beautiful thing. Comforting, soothing and beautiful. She’s growing too fast. We recently got her a single bed and we no longer fall asleep together. I’m broken because of it. We cry together and hug at night before bed. Is this too soon? I tell her “we can cuddle all day together”.  I tell her that “I will never stop cuddling her”. She falls asleep… and I cry…


I have so many emotions. They often overflow. I cry sometimes from sadness but most of the time I find my self crying from joy. The little things in life.  God has given me so much to be grateful for and for this I’m truly blessed.


Thank you all for reading my blog post today.

Much love to you all and have a magical Summer!




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12 thoughts on “First Day of Summer!

  1. Heya, Maria! I’m on WordPress now and I am happy I found you here! 😀 So glad you enjoy summer. Believe it or not, today we had a maximum of 15 degrees Celsius (I think that’s 59 Fahrenheit)!! Your outfits are so pretty and so is your photography! ❤

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  2. Hello love! Omg I can’t believe how hot it is there! That is beyond hot. It’s going to be hot this weekend here too. about 40. It’s lovely to see you on WordPress. Thank you so much for your comment and following my blog. I adore your photography and I always have from the moment I met you on DA. much love to you and your beautiful family. ❤️❤️❤️

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