Autumn in Paris! Fall Fashion by Avon Canada

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Avon’s new Collection Fall for Paris is inspired by the Romance of Paris. Discover a collection of pieces made to mix or match, and the in shades that are perfect for Fall. I love this soft Tweed Boucle jacket by Avon Canada. It has 3\4- Length Sleeves, front pockets and is fully lined in Autumn Romance-Print Fabric. Arianne Boucle Jacket. $64.99-$69.99. Polyester.



I’m in love with this Tweed pearl accent bag. Tweed Cross-Body Bag has a snap closure. One outer slip pocket; one inner zip pocket; one inner slip pocket and is fully lined, $49.00.


J’adore these tassel statement earrings. They are so pretty and work so well with this outfit. They are $49.99.


Cafe Society graphic tee is so cool and comfortable to wear. Just what I love for the fall. Comfort and still stylish. Also anything Parisian that involves Cafe, I’m totally in! This Cotton/polyester/spandex tee is $27.99-$32.99.



This collection has more beautiful pieces. Check them out. They are now available through Avon independent sales representative or online at also you can call 1-800-265-AVON.


*PR SAMPLES. Thank you so much Avon Canada! I’m so in love with this collection. Now all I need is an airline ticket to Paris!

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9 thoughts on “Autumn in Paris! Fall Fashion by Avon Canada

  1. Did I ever tell you that I now have an Avon rep? She’s the daughter of one of my coworkers and I’m so happy! I’ve been eyeing this tweed jacket from their latest catalogue – it is so chic with a twist in that graphic print lining! If anything, I’m thinking of getting the cardigan that has that print. 🙂

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  2. Oh that is so good!! You would love it. It would look amazing on you. It’s very soft and comfortable to wear. I love it. Anything from the Paris line is beautiful. Thanks love!!! I’m so happy you are back!!!!!


  3. Thank you so much love! How are you doing? Hope all is well with you. Hows the weather there? I would love to read a blog post about where you live. Love to see the fruit trees you always talk about. It would be lovely to see and read.

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  4. I was just thinking about blogging about Romania and my city, with the good and the bad… But I don’t know. I am not a constant blogger and I am not traveling during the colder months. Maybe a post now and then. I will do it! We have warmer weather here. When we visited our relatives in Canada we were always cold. They drank ice water but we were asking for hot drinks all the time. 😀

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  5. You don’t have to travel. Just share what’s around you and it’s the small things that matter. I love seeing pictures of small cities and small villages and learn about the culture and lifestyle. You should totally do it. Romania is beautiful in many ways. You should upload a blog post a week. Would love to see more photos and read about you and your lovely culture. ❤️

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