Family Fun Apple Picking Day

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On Saturday it was a cool morning and I thought “this is a perfect day to go Apple Picking!” We’ve never been apple picking before so this was a very special outing for us. We went to Applewood Farm and Winery.


Applewood farms is about 35 min away from us. It’s a cute farm that is very well maintained. The apples that we picked are ginger golden apples. They are absolutely delicious, sweet and crunchy. The girls had so much fun as you can tell in the vlog.

We didn’t realize that the apple trees are low enough that kids ages 2 and up can enjoy in helping pick the apples. What a great way for having the kids involved in apple picking! The Farm also has a little playground and picnic tables. They also have a cute little market and winery.


A long with entering the farm they give you a ticket per person so that you can leave with a pumpkin or a squash of your choice. You get to take a tractor ride to the pumpkin patch and pick your own.

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We came home with a big bag of apples, three pumpkins and one huge squash. I’ll be sharing my Butternut squash soup recipe in the next post. I’m really excited that I can cross off one thing from my Fall Bucket List. Would you like to see a list of things to do in the Fall? I’m designing one very soon. Hopefully I will have it up this week.


What did you do on the weekend? Have you ever been apple picking? Would love to hear all about it. Please leave me a comment below.

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11 thoughts on “Family Fun Apple Picking Day

  1. What a perfect day to spend time outdoors and with your family! Also getting the “fruits of your labour” to eat the produce afterward too! 😉
    I went to the Taste of the Kingsway and ate octopus tentacles and churros, among other things! Nice way to spend the last days of summer.

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  2. Thank you Stashy! I appreciate it!The Taste of the Kingsway sounds amazing and I’m a huge Octopus fan. I love Grilled Octopus with lemon on top So good. I also love churros. It’s amazing to spend the last day of Summer with loved ones and family. We must enjoy every minute of life. Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog post love. Thank you.


  3. I pick apples every day. lol Well, I pick an apple or two every day but it’s still apple picking, right? 😀 Your trip looks like a lot of fun. Your girls are gorgeous and so grown up. ❤

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  4. Well, guess what? We are going to move in a few months and I will no longer live next to the trees garden. But the garden will still be ours, we are not selling this property because my parents are also living on it (it is my dad who takes care of the trees, I only eat the fruit, lol). We have a much smaller back yard at our new house and I will not have fruit trees there because they make a mess when the fruits fall on the ground and rot. Too much work, so no thanks. 😀

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