A Historical Outing! Scarborough Museum Toronto

scarb m 111

I planned to visit the Scarborough museum originally to find out more details about the ghostly encounters that it’s known for but to my surprise the day that we went the museum was open and ready to give us a lovely historical tour and delicious treats for the family. I’m so happy that the tour turned out to be more informative rather then a paranormal encounter.

Scarborough Museum is set along the walking trails of beautiful Thomson Memorial Park, once the farm fields of Scarborough’s first settlers and now a popular heritage community. The museum shows the history and development of Scarborough from its founding and early settlement to its growth and emergence as a major suburb in the 20th century. The site and its gardens are situated on property first granted to David and Mary Thomson, who settled in Scarborough in the late 1790s.

Scarborough Museum consists of four buildings that were moved to the site between 1962 to 1974. These include: Cornell House, a clapboard, Scarborough vernacular-style farmhouse; the McCowan Log House, restored to its 1850s appearance; Kennedy Gallery, a small former farm outbuilding; and the Hough Carriage Works, which houses a collection of artisans tools donated by the Hough family who operated the original shop at Hough’s Corners. – CITY OF TORONTO

McCowan Log House

A warm and cozy home, small and lovely. The fireplace smelled so good and it was so cozy. We were treated to warm baked apples with cinnamon. Delicious!

scarb m 138scarb m 117scarb m 128

Cornell House

We were welcomed with warm delicious apple cider and apple cobbler. We were given a lovely tour of each room and it was so incredible to learn so much about the lifestyle of the first settlers.

scarb m 119

Hough Carriage Works

Learned so much about tools and woodworking thanks to my hubby.

scarb m 112scarb m 122scarb m 126

Overall the weather was perfect the tour was so informative and very fun. It was incredible to see how the settlers lived. It was wonderful to be welcomed in the homes and offered lovely treats. I absolutely loved it and we had an incredible time. thank you apple blog

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