Sharing Special Moments With KiiPix from TOMY

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Since I can remember photos have a special place in my heart. I remember taking photos down at Lake Ontario with my father and his 110 Film camera. Following the 110 Film Camera be bought polaroid camera which I still have. My father passed on his love for photography to me. I also remember my brother loved photography as well. He use to develop his own photos which also inspired me. This is why I accepted a product review that included a picture printer. The KiiPix Smartphone Picture Printer is like a “Pin Hole” camera in a way. It takes Fujifilm instax mini film and prints out your smartphone pictures without batteries and no wifi.


You just place the phone on the device with the picture you want to print out and press the button. So easy! I tried it out with hubby as you can see in our vlog. Both of us love this device and feel that the photos can be used in so many ways including tags for gifts, seating placements for parties and weddings. The possibilities are endless! They are also perfect for journaling and scrapbooking. Like I said before this device doesn’t need batteries and doesn’t require wifi. You can take this anywhere you like with you and print out photos to share with special friends and family. You place the phone right on the KiiPix, press one button and twist the nob! Super easy and fun.

KiiPix ™ from TOMY is a portable, affordable and easy-to-use instant film printer, requiring no special apps and no batteries, making it a “snap” (pun totally intended!) to capture, print and share. This compact instant film printer turns your smartphone snaps into retro-stylized printed photos in three easy steps. 
KiiPix is great for all stages of life and can be used in many ways:
·         Decorate a locker or dorm room
·         Photobooth for a special occasion: birthday, wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, etc.
·         Baby’s milestones to send to a grandparent
·         Or just a fun night out with friends 

KiiPix costs $49.99 and I feel it’s a good price. Very affordable in my opinion. I also love that the Fujifilm Instax mini film is also very affordable. I think the Fujifilm instax mini film pack is ten dollars. You can also buy them in bulk for a lower price.


I really love this device. I love the way it prints out the photos. It reminds me of the polaroids that I used to take with my family but a mini version and cuter. If you love photos and enjoy sharing special moments with friends and family I highly recommend this device. It is super easy to use and very fun too.

Let me know If you’ve ever used KiiPix or if you plan to. I’m going to make a collage with my Kiipix photos and my daughter wants to put some on her bulletin board. I look forward to using this at Christmas as well. I would like to say thank you to TOMY for sending me this. I absolutely adore KiiPix. Thank you so much!


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