Pixi by Petra Pixi GLOW CAKE blushes are breathtaking and NEW! I love using them as a blush and also the colour GILDEDBARE GLOW can be used as a highlighter and bronzer as well. I love how soft the texture is on the skin. It really looks soft and natural and it highlights the cheeks and brightens them in the most beautiful way. It is truly an honour to receive such a beautiful PR Package. I adore PIXI Beauty so much and love their products.

This light-diffusing palette helps to achieve a naturally healthy, radiant complexion with flushed apples of the cheeks, subtle contouring and glowing highlights. The shades in the gradient make it easy to create a sheer wash of luminous colour that enhances your PixiGlow! PIXI BEAUTY



Thank you to PIXI Beauty for making me feel super special this holiday season. I’m truly blessed and thank you for sending me your beautiful products. I adore the blushes so much and the GLOW TONIC is a favourite! I can’t believe you put my name on the bottle. You know how to make me feel so loved and special. Thank you so much.

Did you know that Glow Tonic exfoliates and purifies the skin with glycolic Acid? The formula has ginseng which improves circulation and energizes. It also has Aloe vera which soothes and hydrates. It really helps refine the appearance of pores. I love how gentle it is and it helps cell renewal. It really makes my skin look brighter and glow. It Balances, heals and soothes for radiant, healthier looking skin and it is suitable for all skin types and is alcohol free. It is not tested on animals. 

Thank you so much Pixi Beauty for all the beautiful gifts. You showered me with so much love and I adore your products so much. Have a beautiful New Year!

Thank you so much for your visit!

Author: BestDayBlogger

Hello my name is Maria and I'm very passionate about blogging, art and photography. I'm a full time blogger and really enjoy writing about things that I love. I'm passionate about the Arts and I love to showcase my creativity through all the work I do. Live life to the fullest and Be Beautiful inside and out!

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  1. Wow, these cheek palettes look like works of art. I love how you can potentially get so many colour combinations out of the gradient. I can’t decide which colour I like better… BOTH, haha.
    Happy new year Maria! ❤

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