CHANEL VISION D’ASIE: l’art du détail SPRING SUMMER 2019 COLLECTION offers beautiful colours and new textures. The new textures include Rouge Allure Liquid Lip Powders that feel like a soft fluffy cloud on the lips. They feel soft and light and when you move your lips together the formula feels smooth and silky. I adore the liquid powders because you can create a light look or a dark look with a beautiful matt texture that doesn’t feel drying.

Wearing 964 Bitter Sweet

Wearing 962 Electric Blossom

No makeup just the Liquid Lip Powder

Baume Essential offers the face a beautiful new highlighted look and a dewy look. They can be used on their own or together. They provide a beautiful natural glow. I love both textures and its fun to mix them together. The two balms are Transparent for the wet look and Sculpting for the most beautiful highlight. I feel that the CHANEL makeup brush really allows the product to be distributed and feathered out for a gentle and soft look.

The Baume Essential are absolutely incredible and I feel will be my spring and summer daily loves. I must also add that they do not feel sticky at all but very hydrating. I will also add that all the CHANEL products that are mentioned in this post are not scented at all.

I really adore the new colours of the Rouge Allure Velvet lipsticks. They feel so good and they are very smooth and silky on the lips. The Imperial is a beautiful strawberry red and Nuance is my favourite nude lipstick at the moment.

Wearing 71 Nuance. My favourite nude lipstick.

Thank you so much to Chanel for all the beautiful gifted pieces. I really adore the 2019 Spring/Summer collection and feel that the new textures and colours are beautiful, vibrant but also the collection offers a good mixture of subtle and soft colours and textures. I love how Chanel allows the play of light and soft textures.

Le Vernis 646 Bleached Mauve and Les Vernis Neon 648 Techno Bloom

I hope you enjoyed this post and video. Thank you all for reading my post and I would love to know what your favourite pieces are from this collection. For the entire collection and prices have a look at my previous post.

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  1. That Bitter Sweet shade is right up my alley, but the bright Electric Blossom looks stunning on you. Love powder lipsticks. I only have one like it in my collection, but it’s so fun and innovative!

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