I won HARD CANDY makeup and did a little video trying them on. I also wanted to mention quickly that I will be posting all videos on my main channel from now on. I want to bring beauty and vlogs in one channel. So if you follow my VLOG CHANNEL please continue to watch for my VLOGS on my MAIN CHANNEL. Thank you so much.

In the latest vlog video I mentioned that I’m hosting a giveaway and the winner would be picked today. Here is the winner! I used a random comment generator. Congratulations Joy Mills!

In this makeup look and in the video I used the HARD CANDY Kissed by the Sun Palette which I really like! It gives a lovely warmth to the complexion and a glow. I also used the Hard Candy Glitteratzi eyeshadow duo. I used the lighter side of the Aurora Skies. A beautiful colour. The formula a of the Glitteratzi is really nice and doesn’t budge at all.

I also love that when it dries the glitter doesn’t fall everywhere. Really lovely formula and I look forward to playing around with all the colours. I also used the shadow spheres in the colour palette 1313 and the spheres 1, 3, 5. I used the eyeliner stroke of gorgeous in the chrome ‘Bronze Champion’. The eyeliner is so creamy and soft and glides on nicely. The colour is perfect and bold.

I also added the prettiest highlight on top of the existing highlight. You can never have too much in my opinion! 1307 Rose Gold Highlighter. It gives a lovely glow.

What I really love about this makeup look is the light reflects so beautifully off the makeup pigmentation and the highlight really glows nicely and naturally. A natural soft glowing makeup look is perfect for this cold winter. Just what I needed!

I’m really grateful that I won this makeup. Truly grateful and thank you so much to HARD CANDY. I received a few pieces that were duplicate. So congratulations to Joy Mills for winning!

Thank you all and have a lovely weekend!

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