Happy Friday! August ART Paint Party Friday

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This month I made a lot of art and I’ve never been happier. I make art to express my self and I love the feeling of painting and applying paint on canvas and paper. Each stroke is healing. Recently I’ve been letting go and I’ve been thinking so positive whilst making art with no fear or judgements on my self.

I made the following piece in total freedom and peace. I have this love for the moon. Since I was little I aways had the moon to look at and talk to as my friend. The moon has special energy and power. This piece has been gifted to a very dear friend of mine that has encouraged me to continue making art and to never stop. Thank you Cat Forsley.

It’s been so much fun and I’ve been really enjoying the process of making art. Each piece is like a self journey.

I would like to explore with creating collages more and print making.

I’m excited to try new things and even try to take an art class.

The process is so relaxing and calming in the mind and soul. I look forward to showing you more of my art in September.

I love to create

expressing the soul

helping the mind grow

art fills my heart and it overflows


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Coming soon!

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24 thoughts on “Happy Friday! August ART Paint Party Friday

  1. I can see from your lovely art how happy You’ve been creating them. Especially l love the first three with delightful colours. All are fabulous.
    Have a happy start of September 💓

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  2. Hi Maria, welcome to PPF! You make beautiful art and, yes, I can relate to the calm and peaceful feelings that come when creating. It was lovely to see your pieces and it is fun to explore new ways to make art. See you on IG.. Cheers :D)

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  3. Hey Maria, it’s so nice to “see” and “hear” you again! I’m glad you find so much freedom and peace in making art. I really like the moonpainting, the soft and happy colours. The joy is visible in your paintings. Keep going! Have a lovely Sunday dear Maria! Hugs xxx

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  4. Thank you so much Denthe! I appreciate your beautiful comment. Hope you had a beautiful weekend! I’m happy to see your paintings and your artwork makes me happy. Hugs! Xxx


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