Painting Pumpkins! Paint Party Friday

Happy Friday! I’m linking up with Paint Party Friday today and I’m very excited to share today’s post with you.

My family and I went to the garden centre to check out all the Autumn bouquets and flowers and we also chose little pumpkins to paint. I thought it would be a fantastic idea for my girls to get creative. The garden centre has so many beautiful flowers and arrangements this month.

This is the first time that we actually painted pumpkins! It was so much fun. Usually we do the traditional carving pumpkins but this time I said “Lets paint pumpkins!” Trying something new is fun. We decided to buy white mini pumpkins and we spent two days painting them. It was so much fun!

The black and orange dot pumpkin is mine and the blue ghost pumpkin is my 7 year old’s.
The pink and black are my pumpkins.
My 12 year old made this pumpkin. She is not finished as you can see she has so much detail and various patterns and colours. I’m so in love with her pumpkin that I want to buy a fake one and have her paint it so I can keep it for ever. It’s beautiful! 😍
The red and black was made by my 7 year old. She said she wanted it to look scary.

So that was our excursion to the Garden Centre and our painting pumpkins for two days. It was so much fun that I’m going to continue making crafts with the girls. They had so much fun and really enjoyed it. I hope you all had a lovely week my friends. Thanks so much for all your comments and for being here. Have a beautiful Friday and a beautiful weekend.

23 thoughts on “Painting Pumpkins! Paint Party Friday

  1. Wow super idea and I love all of the pumpkins, a big thumbs up to you all! This is a wonderful season, enjoy with your kids!! So fresh to see these colorful pumpkins, a great post and pumpkins with artsy character, they rock!
    Thanks for your kind comment over at dreamcolour Kat! Blessings xx

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