Dear November And December…

Dear November and December you came in like two sisters who back each other up. Sometimes you get along and sometimes you don’t. You fight, you love and you forgive.


I haven’t written or vlogged for a long time. I was taking care of my family and my dad. I was so busy and tired and then I go the flu. My body and mind was so stressed and tired. I feel I still haven’t fully recovered. My husband helped me so much. He did the laundry and cleaning and he was there for me. I’m so grateful. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.


I’ve been looking at pictures and got so emotional today. Time goes by so fast. My girls are growing so fast it’s scary.

I feel the winter blues have gotten to me and this is why I need to make some goals and plans for my self.


I’m trying to be grateful for everything. I’m also trying to follow my heart and sometimes the dreams and my heart conflict with reality. If you know how to fix this let me know. I feel every time I try to follow my dreams and heart it fails on me. It never works out. I’m trying to be patient. I pray to God and ask for his help. I’m emotional and feel so many things. I hope things work out for me.


My energy is lower. By the time I go to bed I use to read and watch some Netflix but lately I’m so tired I go to sleep.

I won this lovely candle from POETRY OF THE GODS. I gifted this to my sister-in-law. ❤️

I’m going to be honest and say that I’m not happy in Toronto. This city doesn’t make me happy. The architecture and lifestyle doesn’t make me happy and full of joy. My body and heart are aching to live close to the ocean and nature. I feel like getting out of this city and never coming back. I’m sorry if it sounds negative. I love my house and the memories made. Sometimes we just have to follow our heart and inner call. My call is to get my family out of this crazy busy lifestyle. I want to be a part of a smaller community that is close to each other and to the sea. I don’t care how cold it gets and I don’t care how much snow the new place gets. I care about being close to nature.

I won this lovely tea from Instagram. Mighty Leaf Tea is so good. I’m so grateful.


My one goal for 2020 is to get my driving lessons completed and find a home that has a great community and school for my children. Must be close to the ocean. 🌊 That’s it. So with the help of the universe and God, may he guide us toward the right direction.


I managed to save some Christmas clips and photos through November and December. I hope you enjoy them. I love sharing them with you.

I won this lovely tea on Instagram from TEA SPARROW. Really lovely tea!


My words for the two months were patience, vulnerability, courage and strength. I believe life sometimes gives us a lot of things to deal with. And no matter how sensitive we are as humans we need to allow our self to feel, to cry and to stand up for our selves. Also to support each other and surround each other with positive people. It’s vital to eliminate negative people. Sometimes situations are difficult and eliminating negative people is hard but ultimately it’s imperative for your self. Whether this takes one day or many months it’s important to surround your self with love and kindness.

This was my Christmas Bucket list. I did everything except visit the Christmas Market. Maybe next Christmas. I wish you all a very happy New Year! Have a beautiful and magical 2020!

7 thoughts on “Dear November And December…

  1. I love you Maria !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Talk to my sister okay 🙂 she just moved by the water 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ I feel you about the city !!!!!
    Please write to Caroline 🙂 xxxxxx
    ❤ I LOVE YOU

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  2. Hi Maria 🙂 Happy 2020!
    I’m sorry you had such a rough few months. I remember in 1999, I felt the same way as you did, I couldn’t stand living in Montreal anymore, I needed to be near water and woods, so I moved up north to the Laurentian mountains. I spent some time on Prince Edward Island too, it’s beautiful there and the cost of living is much lower. You could be right by the ocean, no matter where you live on that island you are always about a 15 minute drive to the ocean! I loved it and I have so many beautiful memories from my year by the ocean! I missed the mountains too much though so I moved back to Quebec. But Alex and I don’t like the language issues here so we’re relocating to either NB or NS next spring. I’m hoping for NS because I still love the idea of being near the ocean, or the Fundy Bay! I hope that you find what will make you happy in 2020! Keep searching, keep praying, keep meditating and it will come to you!! 🙂

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  3. Thank you 🙏 so much for your lovely comment. Happy New Year! I wish you the very best. The mountains sound so lovely and I also love Quebec but you are so right about the language issues. We traveled there a couple of times and the language keeps us away from visiting again. We are planning to travel to NB and Nova Scotia to check it out. I can’t wait. I have a feeling it will be Nova Scotia. I wish you the very best with your move too. Maybe we will meet one day by the ocean. 😁🌊❤️🥰 have a beautiful New Year and may it be full of love and happiness! I will keep praying and meditating for sure. ❤️🙏🌊


  4. I’m so happy for you! I hope you find a wonderful area to nest! I’ve lived in Qc all my life and it’s long overdue for me to leave!! 🙂 Oh what a nice thought, meeting by the ocean! 🙂 I’m hoping for NS too, but we are really looking for a lot of land, and NB has the most bang for your buck when it comes to acreage. We tried last spring, I made an offer on a lovely house in NB but got overbid, sigh. This is the year though! 🙂

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  5. Thank you so much for your lovely comments. I hope you find a special place that is just perfect. NB sounds amazing too. I hope we both receive our dream homes soon. Much love and happiness. Hope you had a lovely weekend. 🙂


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