Paint Party Friday! Moleskine Part 2

Hello and happy Friday my friends. I hope you are all well. How are you all feeling? I’m seeing the weather change very fast and the cold roll in. We’ve had rain and cool weather. I miss the way the sun hits all the autumn colours. I’ve been dedicating some time each day to paint in my book and I’ve tried not to be so uptight about things being “perfect” to just go with the flow more. Hope you are all well and thank you so much for all your love and comments. I’m linking up with Paint Party Friday and I hope you go check out all the other lovely artist as well. Have a beautiful Friday and a lovely weekend.

22 thoughts on “Paint Party Friday! Moleskine Part 2

  1. You have made a wonderful selection of autumnal paintings, all so harmonious and peaceful, just what we need right now. My fave is the fourth one, I so love looking over the roof tops to what is beyond them. Stay safe, have a good weekend, and continue to have fun being creative. Hugs, Valerie

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  2. Lovely fresh colours and life to your paintings. It’s such a great thing if you can let go and let things flow – I’ve been having ups and downs in Inktober – days when it’s all flowed easily and pleasurably and days when it really feels like wading through mud!! Happy PPF!
    Alison x

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  3. Go with the flow is the best way to do it Maria. Your paintings have these wonderful autumn colours. They certainly bring the fall-feeling across! Wishing you a great Friday and weekend! xox

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