Happy New Year! 2023 Goals

Happy New Year my wonderful friends! I am very happy that it is 2023. Do you have goals for this year? I always like to write down some goals to help direct my life in a way. Ultimately I know that you can’t really plan what God and life has in store but I can definitely make goals and try to accomplish them. I always make a reading goal. I would like to read at least 12 books in 2023. I would like to also find a job. I’ve been a stay home mom for a long time and would like to work again. It’s very challenging to find work. Especially when they ask you “Do you have any references?” I’m like: “would you like a letter from my children?

Youtube and blog ads don’t make that much for me. I would love to do some sponsored posts this year. That would be a lot of fun for me. I would love to draw and paint more this year and write another poetry book. My first poetry book TRUTH was written during my cancer journey and it is very emotional and deep. I would like to explore different writing styles in the next poetry book maybe with photography and drawings.

I would like to learn how to drive and get my driving licence. I know I’ve been saying this for ever but I believe everything has a the right timing. You can’t force things unless you are ready and when I am ready I will go for it.

I would like to up my video content for YouTube. It’s a lot of work. People don’t realize but the editing process is a lot of work. I would like to get more creative with my videos. I created a poll in the community section on my channel asking my lovely viewers what they would like to see and 100% said Vlogs. So I would like to continue making more vlogs this year.

I also would like to journal more, spend less time on my phone, explore the island more and try something new this year.

Thank you for reading my blog post,

Happy New Year my friends!

Wishing you all the best!