First Christmas In Our New Home!

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Hello It’s Me

Bestdayblogger ❤️ Maria


I am very excited to be writing on this blog again. I’m managing two blogs at the moment. I love it.

The Beautiful Fantastic and

I hope you are all well. I moved to PEI! We moved here in September and then got hit by Fiona. It was so scary but we made it through with little damage to the house. It has been a lovely change moving from a busy crazy congested city life to a rural calm and relaxing lifestyle. It’s a true blessing and I am so happy. I have uploaded updated posts if you like to read more about my move to this beautiful and lovely island. Moving Blog Post, Autumn in PEI, Focus on Joy and Love.

I wanted to let you know that I have uploaded my photography and artwork to Red Bubble and I am very happy to share my artwork. It brings me joy. What brings you joy?

I will be filming VLOGMAS on my Youtube Channel so please subscribe.

Wishing you a beautiful and wonderful November! See you for Vlogmas on my Youtube Channel! Much love and positivity!

January Free Printable!

It’s a new year but we continue to have lockdowns and closures and a lot of negative things. I’m here to offer you free printable to hopefully help out the mood. I’ve created a free printable stationary, a digital wallpaper for your computer and a positive board that you can use as a wallpaper or print it out for your journaling needs. 🙂 I hope it brings you some joy and sunshine. I used CANVA. It is so fun and amazing to use. Feel free to check it out. I use the free trial.


I hope you download and use these paper goodies.

Think positive and stay humble. Be good to your self and have a cuppa tea and relax.

Do things you love!

I would love to know if you enjoy writing letters to friends as much as I do.

Much love,




2022 Goals

Dear January,

You are so cold and yet so beautiful

Thank you for your beauty

I look out my window and see the white snow all around

The sun reaches in our home and hits the walls with radiance and warmth

even if its for a short while I thank you

Branches are dark and shadows start moving as the Sun starts its journey.

In 2022 I would like to write more, create more artwork, make more videos to share.

I would like to get more active, I would like to learn something new like knitting or sewing,

I would like to learn how to drive, I would like to read more books and my goal on Goodreads is set to 25 books for 2022.

Here is a poem from my Poetry Book that is available on have a look if you like.

Flakes Of Magic

The sunlight in the early morning shines across the snowy 

land creating magical light.

My eyes capture the glittery light flakes of magic.

I hold sacred that joyous happy feeling in my heart,

A soulful memory full of love, within, there is gratitude.

-Maria Medeiros



Thank you all for your love and support.

Thank you for commenting, sharing and reaching out to me. Thank you for all your kindness. I appreciate it. Currently I am working on a Free Digital Download for a stationary, a wallpaper and a January Mood Board. If you have any ideas of anything else you would like let me know. I really enjoy making them on CANVA.

Have a lovely day my friends and see you soon with a new post.



Published Poetry Book and ART On ETSY!

Happy New Year! I’ve been working on a poetry book for a year now and I’m so excited to share the news with you! It’s available to download and It’s an EBook! I’ve titled my poetry book TRUTH. It’s a very emotional and vulnerable poetry book. I dive into the past and also the present time. I also have some nature poems and tea and coffee poems as well. I truly hope you purchase the book and if you do please leave a review. I would love to hear what you think of my poetry.

I also opened up my ETSY shop again. I really want to focus on art this year. Have a look if you like.


I hope you are all well my friends. I am starting off this year by being as creative as possible. I need some distraction because this month I have to do a mammogram and I’m so scared and worried. Doing art and writing keeps me so happy and I need to express all my emotions and feelings. I’m really nervous about the scans. I hope you can check out my poetry book and also my etsy shop. It means the world to me. Thank you so much and have an amazing week my friends. Much love and positivity!