Autumn Mood Board And Wallpaper

Hello my lovely readers and friends! I hope you are all well. One item on my bucket list is to create a mood board. I created a digital one on Canva and I had so much fun creating it. I've also made it into a wallpaper for you so you can use if you like. … Continue reading Autumn Mood Board And Wallpaper

My Visit To Salem Massachusetts

When I tell people that I would love to live in Salem and tell stories to tourists all day long they don't believe me. But a job like that would make me so happy. I love retelling stories, research, history and architecture. I love old buildings with deep history and character. I like the old … Continue reading My Visit To Salem Massachusetts

Scary Things to See and Do in October! WARNING ThIs Is ScArY

Today I'm sharing a few of my favourite ScArY things to see and do to get your fright on. Here are some Films and things to see and do that will get the hairs standing on the back of your neck. How cool is this piece from KARE CANADA? Three Youtube Channels that offer many … Continue reading Scary Things to See and Do in October! WARNING ThIs Is ScArY

It’s A Celebration! Event Planning Tips And Advice

I wanted to write this article to help bring ease to planning any event. When I was planning my own wedding I had no idea about anything. But I learned so much through my experience that I wanted to share some great tips with you. I also worked with a few caterers and know about … Continue reading It’s A Celebration! Event Planning Tips And Advice

Fall Blog Post Ideas

Fall begins on September 22nd and I wanted to help out bloggers with ideas and inspiration for Fall. Fall is one of my favourite Seasons and I wanted to create content that is full of Autumnal bliss. I hope this blog post helps. Feel free to share this post with other fellow bloggers and I … Continue reading Fall Blog Post Ideas