Fall Movie List Ideas

“Oh- my twitchy witchy girl

I think you are so nice,

I give you bowls of porridge

And I give you bowls of ice


I give you lots of kisses,

And I give lots of hugs,

But I never give you sandwiches

With bugs


― Neil Gaiman, 


I really love watching certain films in October. It just feels cozier and feels all fuzzy and warm inside. Certain films make me very happy in October. Here is a list of my favourite films.

  1. Hocus Pocus
  2. Practical Magic
  3. Rudy
  4. Planes, Trains & Automobiles
  5. Autumn in New York
  6. Dead Poets Society
  7. Gilmore Girls
  8. Paranorman
  9. Coraline
  10. Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone
  11. Halloween Series by John Carpenter
  12. AMC Marathon
  13. Monster House
  14. Stranger Things
  15. Beetle Juice
  16. E.T.
  17. Mystic Pizza
  18. Matilda
  19. Good Will Hunting
  20. Twilight Saga
  21. Scared Shrekless
  22. The Walking Dead
  23. Fear of the Walking Dead
  24. IT
  25. Carrie
  26. Pet Sematary
  27. The Shining
  28. Misery
  29. A Nightmare on Elm Street

What are some of your favourite films to watch? I would love some suggestions! 🎃

“Uh, hey, are you in the mood for pancakes? ‘Cause I’m making pumpkin pancakes and it comes with homemade cinnamon butter.” — Luke – Gilmore Girls

Beauty Favourites 2019

Hello my lovely friends! I am feeling very good this month. How about you? Usually this month I feel really down. I’m keeping my self busy and doing things I enjoy and reading more books and making more art. I’m enjoying even the household chores! I’m grateful for everyday. How are you feeling? I hope you are all well. I’m going to share with you my favourite beauty products for 2019. I hope you enjoy the video. Please give the video a thumbs up and leave a comment. It means the world to me. Thank you so much my lovely friends.

2019 Beauty Favourites

AVON Magix Prime SPF 20

*Garner SkinActive BB Cream

*Benefit Hoola Bronzer

Make Up For Ever concealer 

*CHANEL blush 440 Quintessence

*Marcelle Perfect Brow

Eyeshadow Palette Brunch Date Zoella Coloupop

Eyeshadow Palette Too Faced Gingerbread extra Spicy 

*Lip Pencil Bobbi Brown Cocoa + Tilbury Lipstick Kim KW

*Lip pencil MAC strip down + MAC lipstick Honeylove 

*Narciso Rodriguez for her

Harvey Prince Madagascar Vanilla 

Bath and Body Endless Weekend

I kindly won lovely haircare products from Marc Anthony on Instagram. I would like to say a HUGE thank you to them for these products. I just finished the leave in conditioner from this line and then I won the entire collection! I’m so blessed and grateful. Thank you so much!

Thank you again to all of you for your lovely comments and support. I appreciate it so much. Have a lovely rest of the week and see you soon!

* Any products marked with ( * ) are PR Samples and sometimes affiliate links which means that I make a little money if you purchase through the link provided. That being said, all opinions expressed are 100% Honest and true.

Painting Away The Blues!

Happy Tuesday! I feel very unorganized and very emotional lately. I’m also feeling tired a lot and the winter blues is not fun to deal with. Yesterday my emotions had a life of their own and my body went into a pain attack in the middle of the night. I’m just happy it’s a new day. I’m trying to stay active and positive…trying. Lately I’m not feeling it. I’m being honest. It’s not easy to stay cheerful and happy and jolly. I feel like an old grumpy lady. *Sigh* The stress of working online and being home all day doesn’t help the situation.

Thank God for my wonderful husband and children who love and support me. They are amazing and I’m truly blessed to have them in my life. They really help bring joy and happiness in my life.

This is Toronto and its winter glory. I wonder why my parents didn’t choose to go to a warmer climate when they first arrived in the 60’s?

To offer comfort to my stress levels and anxiety I’m doing a lot of painting lately. Here are some new paintings I made. Using acrylics on canvas boards and also mini canvases. I need to buy better quality mini canvases for my ETSY store. I bought three mini canvases from Walmart and they are not good at all. The canvas from the edges are coming a part. I glued them in place but it’s not the best quality so I will not be posting these for my store.

I’ve made an order with DeSerres and I’m still waiting for my package to arrive. Why is it when you wait for something it doesn’t come? I ordered some new style of paint. It’s called Gouach paint. I’m really excited to try a new medium. Gouache paint is a watercolour type of paint that is bold and bright. It can be watered down a lot or be used very boldly. I can’t wait to try it. I also want to buy pastels. Love oil pastels and chalk pastels.

I can’t wait for spring to arrive. How about you? I am soooo done with cold and winter. On a positive note here are some lovely PR Samples (GIFTED) items and some lovely winnings as well. I’m truly blessed and lucky to win all these things. ESPIRA vitamins by Avon, Espira Hunger block and metabolism boost by Avon, CRAVE Lipglosses from Avon Canada. They smell so good! They are super shiny so a little goes a long way.

I won a lovely package from Dundurn Press it included a lovely canvas bag and SQUISH candy. So good! Also won a HUGE package from Live Organics which is located in Toronto. All raw organic food and drinks. Also included is VAMS Culture drinks and Tealchemy Tea which is really smooth and silky tea. I also won two products from Age Quencher Vitamins and I am really loving their Hyaluronic Moisturizing Serum and the Hydrate Beauty Electrolyte Powder. So incredible they will definitely be on my favourite list.

Thank you also to PIXI BEAUTY for sending me their new eyeshadows and beautiful brushes! They are very beautiful!

I also received beautiful clothing from FROCKON Clothing. I reached out to the lovely Yana and asked if she would like to work together. I will have the post up as soon as I can get my creative spirit going. Check out her EBAY store. One of the beautiful pieces she sent me is this beautiful Kimono Jacket with geometric patterns. I absolutely love it! I will get a post together soon my friends. I just need to get out of this funk.

A few other *Gifted items from Chickadvisor

Dove Ultra care Milk Gel Moisturizing Conditioner.

Also Dove Apple and White Tea Antiperspirant. It’s my favourite at the moment. So good!

Just today I received a special and thoughtful gift from my lovely friend Julie and It made me smile so much. She is so thoughtful and loving. Have a look at Julie’s Blog. Thank you Julie for always being there and for thinking of me. I hope to meet you one day in person and have a cuppa coffee. This gift is so super special. I might just have to watch the entire series on Netflix again. Thank you Julie!

This just in! Thank you Simon & Schuster Canada for the ARC of “At The Mountain’s Edge” Sounds like a fantastic book! I can’t wait to read it!

Thank you so much for all your love and support. Thank you for all your kind comments and love. Thank you also for the lovely Gifted items.

Overall I feel that things will totally get better. I’m hopeful and look forward to the change of weather. As I am typing this I heard from the TV that we are expecting about 15cm of snow tomorrow. Great! 😂 Well patience and more painting. I will totally read this book and let you know how it goes. Until then have a lovely rest of the week and don’t be afraid to tweet me a hello @bestdayblogger

Much love,



Pixi by Petra Pixi GLOW CAKE blushes are breathtaking and NEW! I love using them as a blush and also the colour GILDEDBARE GLOW can be used as a highlighter and bronzer as well. I love how soft the texture is on the skin. It really looks soft and natural and it highlights the cheeks and brightens them in the most beautiful way. It is truly an honour to receive such a beautiful PR Package. I adore PIXI Beauty so much and love their products.

This light-diffusing palette helps to achieve a naturally healthy, radiant complexion with flushed apples of the cheeks, subtle contouring and glowing highlights. The shades in the gradient make it easy to create a sheer wash of luminous colour that enhances your PixiGlow! PIXI BEAUTY



Thank you to PIXI Beauty for making me feel super special this holiday season. I’m truly blessed and thank you for sending me your beautiful products. I adore the blushes so much and the GLOW TONIC is a favourite! I can’t believe you put my name on the bottle. You know how to make me feel so loved and special. Thank you so much.

Did you know that Glow Tonic exfoliates and purifies the skin with glycolic Acid? The formula has ginseng which improves circulation and energizes. It also has Aloe vera which soothes and hydrates. It really helps refine the appearance of pores. I love how gentle it is and it helps cell renewal. It really makes my skin look brighter and glow. It Balances, heals and soothes for radiant, healthier looking skin and it is suitable for all skin types and is alcohol free. It is not tested on animals. 

Thank you so much Pixi Beauty for all the beautiful gifts. You showered me with so much love and I adore your products so much. Have a beautiful New Year!

Thank you so much for your visit!

Vlogging, Amazing PR And A GIVEAWAY!

Hi! it’s Bestdayblogger!
Thank you for all your love and support!  l love Snapchat Filters. They are the best. Follow me on snapchat @bestdayblogger

Hello my wonderful friends! The first thing I will share with you is that there’s a lovely giveaway on my Instagram account. I’m collaborating with @FarleycoBeauty on Instagram. It’s a beautiful bath set by my favourite YouTuber Zoella. It’s the new COSMIC line. 


The blend consists of vanilla and mint and it sounds so soothing. How to win you ask? All you have to do is follow my IG account, follow FarleycoBeauty IG account and tag two friends in the Giveaway post. You also have to subscribe to my VLOG CHANNEL. I will announce the winner on the very first vlog in December. 


I can’t believe we got snow today!  This is what it looked like earlier in the day. 

First big snowfall. Friday November 16th, 2018

Thank goodness we received this incredible PR Package to keep us cozy and warm! SQUISHMALLOWS! 

My girls have fallen in love with the sloth and monkey Squishmallows. These are super soft and comforting. Cute and cuddly. I’ve never felt anything so soothing and soft before! Very cute and lovable. There are so many to choose from! Check out the website. You can find Squishmallows everywhere! They make the best Christmas presents and the small ones are perfect for stocking stuffers. I love them so much and as you can see in the photo my girls love them too. Thanks so much to Kelly Toys!

Hello!  we are squish mallows! Check us out on IG!
Hello from my backyard!

The cold weather can cause a lot of problems with my skin but I’m prepared. I received Palmer’s Cocoa Butter 24 hour moisture formula. Last Year I reviewed the coconut collection and this year I kindly received the Cocoa Butter with vitamin E, 24 Hour Moisture collection. I’m in love with this trio. Honestly it’s a lifesaver for my skin and lips as well. Really lovely formula that absorbs nicely and is not greasy. It smells like chocolate to me and I love it so much. My skin is hydrated and feels soft and smooth. So good!

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Lotion is a rich, creamy lotion made from pure Cocoa Butter enriched with Vitamin E, this classic product is an advanced moisturizer that softens, smooths and relieves skin. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Stick  This innovative product is the portable version of the “original solid formula” Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula and has all the benefits of pure Cocoa Butter enriched with Vitamin E; vital for smoothing dry or damaged skin. This pocket-size stick is ideal to help relieve  rough, dry areas, marks and blemishes on the face and body.  Also may be used to moisturize and soothe dry, cracked, chapped lips. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Jar The original classic moisturizer; this unique “solid” formula contains the highest concentration of Cocoa Butter, making it the perfect choice to soften, smooth and relieve rough, dry skin. Containing pure Cocoa Butter enriched with Vitamin E, this cult classic is an excellent all-over-body moisturizer and after tanning butter. Smoothes and blends marks, scars and stretch marks, leaving your body feeling silky soft and smooth.  

Did you know?

  1. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula range of products contain pure natural cocoa butter, anti-oxidants and Vitamins A, C and E to soften, smooth, relieve and prevent dry skin.
  2. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula is fast-absorbing contains pure natural cocoa butter and melts into skin to provide superior moisturizing properties and leave a delicious subtle cocoa scent.
  3. Luxurious yet affordable, this iconic beauty classic has been a cult favourite world-wide for generations
A huge thank you for these PR Samples. I’m obsessed with this brand and love the formula so much. Thank you!

A few more lovely PR Sample that didn’t last very long… well because we’ve eaten them all!

Nature’s Touch Strawberry Rhubarb Harvest which is a good source of calcium and rich with vitamin C. I made a sweet and tart smoothie. I love sweet and tart do you? 

This smoothie is a Holiday Pick Me Up!

Don’t stress and let this baby do it’s thing! Boost your energy and make your body feel good. The Green part of this drink is almond milk with Genuine Health Original Greens+ and a dash of cinnamon. The red part is apple juice with Nature’s Touch Strawberry Rhubarb Harvest with a dash of Prana White Chia Seeds. I love mixing sweet and tart together do you? Thank you for this PR it has given me so much energy and I feel so good. 

This is my Holiday Pick Me UP!

From Influenster Canada I kindly received the new Dempsters Pull-Aparts! They didn’t last long. We gobbled them up with butter and soup. These are absolutely soft and delicious. Thanks so much to Influenster Canada for the free samples. If you want to receive free samples join Influenster! 

#Gotitfree from Influenster
Here I’m enjoying noodle soup with the new Dempsters Pull-Aparts 

That is all the lovely goodness for now. I’m loving vlogging right now. I’m enjoying it so much and I hope you join me on this daily life video journey. I try to get creative and I would love to hear your thoughts for the vlogs and and I would love to know what else you would like to see.

Thank you for all the lovely PR samples and the lovely support. I’m so grateful and very lucky to have you all in my life.

You are all wonderful and caring.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I’m loving my Christmas sweater from Walmart. It’s so cozy and warm and how cute is Mickey Mouse?